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The 3DS Second-Stick Attachment Will Be A Gamestop Exclusive In The US


God. D*MMIT.

Take a Look At the World of CRUSH3D on 3DS (TRAILER)


It looks like a pretty interesting game.

The Extra 3DS Circle Pad Will Need a New Battery Every 480 Hours


That’s kind of a long time.

2011: Great for Games, Disaster for Nintendo


And the Goombahs rejoice!

It Looks Like Lego Batman 2 Will Have The Stupid, Long-Haired Version Of Superman


I prefer to call him ‘supra-man’ so as not to sully the real deal with his horrible 90s hair.

Resident Evil: Revelations’ Multiplayer is Blocked Until You Finish Single-Player

resident evil revelations thumb

Clear your schedule if you want to play co-op — you’ve got some work to do, first.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 – Launch Trailer


It’s about time.

24 Awesome and/or Hilarious Video Game Halloween Costumes

oh f--k

It’s time.

The Wii and 3DS Are Getting Hulu Plus


That sounds like fun!

Nintendo to Hold 3DS Event of Some Sort Online Friday


Because we all care sooooooooo much about the 3DS.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Launch Trailer


Finally! A 3DS game I absolutely must play!

The Stupidity of Exclusivity


Why the “Big Three” need to open their damn minds

Yet Another Robin Williams Zelda Commercial, This Time With More Zelda

robin williams zelda again

You know, because his daughter is named Zelda.

FIFA 12 Review: This Game is a Game


Electronic Arts finds the back of the net again.

X-Men: Destiny Walkthrough


Pick your destiny, or let us pick your destiny for you.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter – Customization Trailer


Watch what happens when an adorable mech gets hydrolics.

NCIS The Video Game – Reveal Trailer

Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 3.58.19 PM

It’s like L.A. Noire for your parents!

Resident Evil: Revelations TGS 2011 Trailer is Bloody, Awesome

resident evil revelations thumb

Hooray for monsters and stuff.

That Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater Delay Isn’t a Long One

snake eater

Phew. I’m so relieved.

Hey, Look, It’s a Game About Being Pregnant

pregnancy game

I want this game so hard.

Activision Thinks 3DS Circle Pad Add-On A ‘Great Move’


Clearly, no one at Activision purchased a 3DS before the price drop.

Best Zelda Cosplay Ever? (PICS)


Check out that real-life Ocarina!

Mario Kart 7 Looks Like a Mario Kart Game (TRAILER)


We sure don’t ask for much from Nintendo.

This is What Super Mario 3D Land Looks Like in 2D (TRAILER)


It looks like a video game.

Monster Hunter 4 Announced for the 3DS (TRAILER)

monster hunter 4

Now that’s what I call a system seller.

You Won’t Have to Wait Much Longer For Your Free Zelda: Four Swords

four swords

Just a couple more weeks, bro.

Get Sneaky on a Small Screen with Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater (TRAILER)

snake eater thumb

More 3DS version footage, this time from Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Square Enix Announces the Best Named JRPG of All Time

bravely default

You won’t believe your eyes when you read this.

Nintendo Introducing Pink 3DS in October

pink 3ds

For girls!

Kid Icarus 3DS Delayed


But it’s not a long delay.

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