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Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition (3DS) Review


Ready? FIGHT!

Rayman 3D (3DS) Review


It’s like a time machine to Dreamcast lane!

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Jill & Wesker Trailer


The 3DS gets evil.

Ridge Racer 3D (3DS) Review


It’s a racing game! It’s in 3D! Is it good?!

Madden NFL Football (3DS) Review

madden 3ds

Is a Madden still a Madden if it’s on the Nintendo 3DS?

PilotWings Resort (3DS) Review


This game should probably have been a pack-in, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

Hands-On Review Of The Nintendo 3DS


We love it. We just wish there was more to love.

The Nintendo 3DS Has the “Black Screen of Death”

black screen of deah

I made that title up, but I’m sure I’m not the first to call it that.

A List of All the 3DS Titles We Know Are Coming

madden curse

There are a few. Like Madden.

Lego Star Wars 3 Red Bricks


I done squeezed mad clips at these cats for they bricks.

Lego Star Wars 3 Cheat Codes


Indulge your Dark Side, just a little.

3DS Launch Titles At a Glance

3ds thumb

Just in case you don’t know.

Ridge Racer 3D Launch Trailer


Here come the 3DS videos!

Watch This Guy Already Waiting In Line For A 3DS (VIDEO)


Marvel at the man with more time than you.

Lego Star Wars 3 Cheats


A Legoland-sized quantity of information.

Lego Star Wars 3 Walkthrough


Even better than using the Force!

GDC 11: Pixel Art Finished Product


See how it turned out! Spoiler alert: there are dragons and ninjas!

GDC 11 – 3DS Hands-on


Does it rule? Why yes, it does.

If 3DS Could Handle Unreal Engine 3, ‘We’d Be On It,’ Says Rein

3ds thumb

Epic doesn’t just hate Nintendo.

GDC 11: 3DS Will Film in 3D, Connect to 10,000 AT&T Wirelss Hubs


“The world is still in the beginning stages of content creation in 3D. At Nintendo, we’re here to accelerate that process.” – Nintendo of America

GDC 11: Games on the 3DS — Zelda, Mario, and the eStore


Will the 3DS have enough games a launch?

GDC 11: 3DS Will Have Netflix


Now if it could only make coffee and order pizza….

GDC11: Team Meat Working On Something for 3DS

super meat boy

Even they don’t know what that something is yet.

Japan Gets 3DS, Sales Can Be Described Using Clichéd Food Metaphor


The entire country has sold out of the damn things.

Nintendo Confirms 16 3DS Launch Titles


There are three first-party titles on there, but you probably won’t buy any of them.

de Blob 2 Cheats


Color me badd.

de Blob 2 Walkthrough


de Blob’s no slog, thanks to this.

GameFront iPhone App Now Available!


Watch out, world.

Achievements Let Players Get More Out of Games

orange box gnome thumb

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen knocked Achievements recently, but if you ask me, they often make games better, not worse.

Remedy Co-Founder Joins Up with Angry Birds Creator

angry birds thumb

Petri Järvilehto led development on Max Payne 1 and 2 and initial development on Alan Wake. Really hope we’re not losing an Alan Wake sequel to support Angry Birds 3DS.

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