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Metro: Redux Updates 2033 to Next-Gen


4A Games and Deep Silver have announced Metro Redux, a combo pack of fully remastered copies of Metro: 2033 and…

Metro: Last Light Review – Into the Tunnels Again

metro last light thumb

Metro: Last Light improves in almost every way on its predecessor, making for a challenging, atmospheric shooter experience.

THQ Giving Away PC Copies of Metro 2033, Plus New Last Light Trailer

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New trailer, free game. It’s a good Tuesday.

Final Metro: Last Light ‘Survival’ Trailer Features ‘The Commander’

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One more live-action trailer to get you pumped to return to the Metro.

Metro: Last Light Won’t Have Multiplayer, Focusing on Single

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They’ve decided to put their resources in working on what fans have said they want.

See The Entire Metro: Last Light E3 2012 Demo

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You’ll want to watch this.

Metro: Last Light Short Shows Escape into Moscow’s Tunnels (VIDEO)

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Live-action trailer/shorts/movies are cool.

See the Entire 13-Minute Metro: Last Light Demo from E3 2011 (VIDEO)

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Finally, All The Gameplay is upon us.

Check Out the Second Half of Metro: Last Light’s E3 Demo

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More dark and spooky underground first-person mayhem from post-apocalyptic Russia.