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Payday 2: Diamond Heist – How to Solve the Vault Puzzle


Master the final challenge in The Diamond DLC for Payday 2.

Defense Grid 2 Review: Hold the Line


As I frantically monitor the current situation, I forget to blink. Wave 25 is upon me, and with half of…

Terraria Console Editions Receive Huge New Update


The console versions of Terraria have been updated with new weather effects, items and more. The update, which was announced…

How To Survive Review: Assuming You Still Want To


A zombie apocalypse? Pffahh. Nothing a little duct tape, a few sharpened sticks, and some good old elbow grease can’t…

Payday 2 “Charlie Santa Heist” Holiday DLC Out Now

Payday 2 Holiday DLC 140x

Payday 2 players have some new DLC in their stockings this week. The Charlie Santa Heist brings a whole sack…

Watch Game Front Play Tiny Brains With Spearhead Devs!

Tiny Brains Logo 140x

Game Front is going to be streaming some Tiny Brains action tomorrow at 2pm PT! Come watch Phil Hornshaw, James…

Tiny Brains Review: Putting (Evil) Brains Together

tiny brains preview 2 thumb

Building a good party game is tough, because just about anytime you put four players together on the same couch,…

Tiny Brains Preview: Party of One

tiny brains preview 2 thumb

Tiny Brains is meant for four players in local co-op, but you’ll still be able to enjoy its challenges alone.

Don’t Sleep On ARPG / Zombie Survival Sim How to Survive


There were plenty of zombies at E3 in June, with the filthy undead buggers shambling all over a number of…

Takedown: Red Sabre Hands-On Preview: Brutal, Satisfying Challenge


A tactical shooter that demands cooperation and packs an old-school challenge.

Payday 2 Preview: Overkill Making ‘Dark Souls of Heist Games’

payday 2 2 thumb

Payday 2 is making everything about the first game better, including the things you’ll steal (and keep).

How to Survive E3 Preview: Top Down ARPG Meets Zombie Survival Sim


Step 1: Aim for the head.

Terraria Coming To XBLA and PSN


And this is awesome.

Josef Fares’ P13 Will Be Downloadable In 2013



Sniper Elite V2 Review


How did Rebellion’s WWII snipe-fest stack up?

Sniper Elite V2 – Cinematic Trailer


It’s like shooting someone from 1000 feet away… on the silver screen!

Supremacy MMA Review


We wish this game lived up to its subject matter.

Go to the Strip Club with Supremacy MMA (VIDEO)


You don’t have to tip the fighters.

New Supremacy MMA Trailer Has Brutality, Opera


Translated from Italian, they’re singing “Ow, my arm!”

Supremacy MMA — Malapeit Trailer


“Malapeit” is much more memorable an intimidating than “Mongkhon Wiwasuk.” No offense, Thai folks.

Backbreaker Vengeance Launch Trailer

Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 5.58.32 PM

So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to juxtapose Football and Dubstep, now’s your chance.