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CoD: Ghosts to Include Female Combatants, but Reality Did It First

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Apparently there’s also a technological glass ceiling.

Check Out Our Black Ops 2 Zombie Livestream Today!

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See the new TranZit mode in action.

Modern Warfare 3: Terminal Map Hits PS3 In August



Activision Leeds Is Working On a Mobile Pitfall Game


This is kind of cool. And kind of not.

EA Straight Up Calls Activision’s lawsuit ‘Absurd’


But no matter who wins, we lose.

Square Enix Thinks Activision ‘Crazy’ For Giving Up Sleeping Dogs


We think they made a heroic sacrifice for the greater good.

Black Ops 2 Trailer Apparently Reveals Mission Locations

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“Hidden” information could point to story elements.

All Proceeds From The MW3 Soundtrack To Benefit The Call of Duty Endowment


This is a very good thing.

Blizzcon 2011: Get a Look at Another Mists of Pandaria Dungeon, Shado-pan Monastery (VIDEO)

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More beautiful dungeony goodness.

This Diablo III Street Art Time-Lapse Video Is Really Cool


Don’t worry, they won’t be charging you to see this.