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Microsoft Hiring For a “Well-Loved Strategy Game Franchise”


A Microsoft job listing indicates that a new addition to one of its most popular game franchises is on the…

Age of Empires Online Stops Active Development


Age Of Empires Online winds down development, focuses on supporting existing game

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

New Age of Empires Online Civilization: the Norse


Asgard is calling.

Get the Rundown on Age of Empires Online’s Celts Civilization (VIDEO)

age of empires online celts thumb

There’s more stuff coming to the free-to-play strategy title.

Age of Empires Online Review


More accurately, we’re living through the Age of Free-to-play, Pay-to-win Strategy Games Online.

MMO Roundup 7/28/2011 — BlizzCon Contests, LOTRO: Rise of Isengard Beta, New Old Republic Trailer, and More


See what’s new in the world of MMOs this week.

New Age of Empires Online Civilizations Revealed


The Celts and the Persians will arrive by the end of 2011.

Age of Empires Online Coming This Fall


Microsoft will announce an exact date (and a price) later this month.

Age of Empires Online, Microsoft Flight Announced


Microsoft puts a little teeth in their recent announcement that they are pushing PC gaming with the reveal of Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight.