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Remedy Co-Founder Joins Up with Angry Birds Creator

angry birds thumb

Petri Järvilehto led development on Max Payne 1 and 2 and initial development on Alan Wake. Really hope we’re not losing an Alan Wake sequel to support Angry Birds 3DS.

Alan Wake Fan Recreates Diver’s Isle in Minecraft

diver's isle thumb

Yet another awesome use for Minecraft.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Pleasant Surprises and Last Straws

last straw

The year is winding down, which means our GameFront 2010 feature series is also winding down. As we come ever…

10 Christmas-Themed Game Spinoffs


Puns abound in this list!

GameFront 2010: Best Game Box Art of 2010


While you can’t judge a game by its cover, you can judge the cover itself.

GameFront 2011: What We Hope To See In Gaming In the Coming Year


We’re shooting for the stars, here, and none of this s–t is going to happen, but let us hope, damn you.

GameFront 2010: Best Game Stories of the Year


The GameFront staff picks out the video game stories that stuck with us throughout the year.

GameFront 2010: Best Action Games


GameFront’s staff picks of what we consider to be the best action games of the year, and why they’ll rock your face.

New Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle is Pretty Sweet

xbox 360 holiday bundle

The bundle costs the same as console on its own, and it comes with two games.

Alan Wake: The Writer DLC Review


The third and final DLC pack for Alan Wake is out today. Is it worth $7? Jump in to find out.

Alan Wake DLC – The Writer Video Games


A guide to the collectible video games in Alan Wake’s The Writer DLC

Alan Wake DLC – The Writer Achievements


All the new achievements for Alan Wake’s final DLC, The Writer.

Alan Wake DLC – The Writer Walkthrough


Find all the hidden video games, survive every battle, and unlock all the new achievements for Alan Wake’s The Writer DLC.

Alan Wake “The Writer” DLC Launches October 12, New Trailer


We’ve got a release date for the last Alan Wake DLC pack, as well as a new trailer and a couple of screenshots as well.

“The Writer” DLC Will End Alan Wake


That’s not a spoiler. It will end Alan Wake the game and not necessarily the person.

Alan Wake The Signal DLC Trailer


Check out the shiny new trailer for Alan Wake’s first DLC, The Signal, which launches today.

Alan Wake DLC – The Signal Alarm Clocks


More wacky collectibles from the Alan Wake people. Don’t waste your time combing through the dimly-lit DLC — use our guide to help you!

Alan Wake DLC – The Signal Cardboard Standees


A complete list of those pesky collectible Cardboard things in the new Alan Wake DLC! Don’t miss any while you’re fumbling around in the dark!

Alan Wake DLC – The Signal Walkthrough


Our detailed guide to the new Alan Wake DLC, The Signal!

Alan Wake DLC – The Signal Achievements


All the achievements for the new Alan Wake – The Signal DLC!

Alan Wake – The Signal DLC Review


The first DLC for Alan Wake pits the harrowed writer against a new nightmare. His only hope? Find that diver guy that looks like a Big Daddy, Thomas Zane. It’s a great little DLC package. Full review within.

Alan Wake Didn’t Sell Great, Maybe has Legs

Not every game needs a sequel, and not every game needs to sell a million copies. I say that not…

Alan Wake Score Available on July 20

Alan Wake has some serious atmosphere going for it, much of it because the game employs a great soundtrack. And…

No Third DLC for Alan Wake this Fall

I’m sure I’m not the only one that was excited to hear that there would be a third DLC pack…

Alan Wake TV & Radio Shows

It’s not all ghosts and gunplay in the world of Alan Wake. Our hero can kick back and take a…

Alan Wake Signs

Knowing your enemy is often the key to success; likewise knowing your surroundings. Alan Wake offers rewards for any information…

Alan Wake Can Pyramids

Make progress towards the coveted “Carny” achievement with this list of all the collectible beer can pyramids scattered throughout Alan…

Alan Wake Supply Chests

Battling otherworldly apparitions will sap your resolve, but more importantly, it will sap your batteries and ammo. Supply Chests are…

Alan Wake Manuscript Pages

Alan Wake features a story-within-a-story, and it’s the player’s task to gather the scattered pages of the protagonist’s mysterious novel…

Alan Wake Coffee Thermoses

You’d be hard pressed to find a professional writer who wasn’t addicted to Java, and Alan Wake is no exception….

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