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Aliens: Colonial Marines – They Mostly Come at Night Guide [Newt Easter Egg]


Rescue Newt’s doll’s head.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Spaceballs Chestburster Easter Egg


Hello! Ma baby / Hello! Ma darling / Hello! My ragtime gal!

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Legendary Weapons Locations Guide


Get equipped with the best weapons in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – XP & Challenge Farming Guide


Destroy as many aliens as you please with this farming location.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – How to Find the Alien Easter Eggs [Achievement Guide]


Try not to groan.

Horde Mode is Coming To Aliens: Colonial Marines in DLC


Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting four DLC packs, one of which includes horde mode.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Walkthrough


Ride the express elevator to hell; going down! Let Game Front be your guide.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Achievements


Get equipped with firebombs, collect audio logs, and more in Gearbox’s ode to Aliens.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Cheats


Take any advantage to overcome the Xenomorph menace.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trophies


Go on another bug hunt on the PS3.

Killing Floor Mod Brings Game to Aliens Universe


Psh, who needs Colonial Marines?

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Reignites Hope for Spookier ‘Aliens’

colonial marines 3 thumb

That’s more like it, guys.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Writer Disowns Awful Trailer

colonial marines 3 thumb

Supposedly the terrible dialog in the trailer isn’t in the game, and the game’s writer didn’t write it.

Aliens: Colonial Marines PC Specs Revealed


You can probably just use the PC you have right now.

Uncle Jim’s Most Awaited Games of 2013

bioshock infinite vox thumb

List columns for your pleasure!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Hints At Story

colonial marines 1 thumb

Here’s an idea of what Colonial Marines will be about. Not much of one, though.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview — Just Another Bughunt?


Hands-on with Gearbox’s sci-fi-horror-shooter.

Now We Know Why Borderlands 2 Isn’t On Wii U


And it isn’t because of suck. Or maybe it is!

Female Characters Coming Colonial Marines’ Multiplayer, Co-Op

colonial marines 3 thumb

It takes a petition for Gearbox to realize it should put female characters in a game set in a franchise that’s about female characters.

We Played Colonial Marines ‘Escape Mode’ And Lost Badly


On the ground at PAX Prime, we sucked at killing Aliens.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Adds ‘Escape’ Multiplayer Mode

colonial marines 4 thumb

Sounds like the Left 4 Dead model.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Petition for Playable Females


But… Ripley?

Wil Wheaton’s E3 Videos, All in One Place


Check out our entire collection of Wil Wheaton E3 videos.

Wil Wheaton Talks To Colonial Marines’ Writer Mike Newman


No, no Bill Paxton references.

Game Front’s Best of E3 2012

gfbestofe3 thumb

All our favorite games from the biggest gaming event of the year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On: A Pants-Crapping Experience


They’re coming outta the walls. They’re coming outta the goddamn walls. Let’s book!

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets a Spiffy Collector’s Edition

colonial marines collectors thumb

I must own this.

What We’re Excited About for E3 2012

zeldapuppet thumb

We’re looking forward to some huge games at E3 2012. Here’s what we’re hoping to see.

Game Front’s Guide to E3 (GRAPHIC)


Check out the games of E3.

Watch The Aliens: Colonial Marines Release Date Trailer


All the excitement and killing mayhem of the Gregorian calendar!

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