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AMD: NVIDIA Gameworks a ‘Clear and Present Threat to Gamers’


Ubisoft’s long-awaited open-world title, Watch Dogs, released today, but the discussion around its tech isn’t directed at troubleshooting. Forbes released…

Microsoft Shares First Details on DirectX 12


A whopping 50% better CPU utilization and “console-level” efficiency on PC. That’s the promise Microsoft is making with its long…

Star Swarm Demo Available for Download on Steam


And I thought that 3,000-player dust up that caused an estimated $300,000 worth of spaceship destruction in Eve Online this…

AMD’s Mantle Renderer Now Available for Battlefield 4


Better, faster games on PC. That’s the promise of AMD’s new graphics API and today gamers get to find out…

Valve Software & HSA Foundation Join The Linux Foundation

Valve Tux Linux 140x

Valve Software officially joined The Linux Foundation today, as did the parallel computing justice league known as the HSA Foundation….

Rebellion Hops On AMD Mantle Express Train To Metal

rebellion logo 140x

Rebellion Software is the latest PC game developer to adopt AMD’s new close-to-metal Mantle API. Mantle will be used on…

Free Game Alert: Win One Of 1,000 Battlefield 4 Keys

AMD Logo Fancy 140x

Free Battlefield 4? Free Battlefield 4.

Game Front’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide


Table of Contents Intro Games Gaming Peripherals PC Components PlayStation 4 Xbox One Toys and Gifts for Gamers Have a…

AMD TressFX 2.0 Will Render Grass & Fur, Too

AMD Logo Fancy 140x

AMD is actively working on TressFX 2.0, and it’s saying the tech could be used for more than just Ms….

Three More Developers Hop On AMD’s Mantle Bandwagon

AMD Logo Fancy 140x

Metal-level programming madness!

AMD Has Returned To Profitability

AMD Logo Black 140x

AMD can officially make it rain again.

Nvidia Announces GameWorks Program, New Holiday Bundles


AMD and it’s new R-Series cards have been hogging the GPU spotlight as of late, but Nvidia is countering with…

First Official AMD R9 290X Benchmarks Appear

AMD R9 290X White 140x

If you’re wondering how AMD’s forthcoming R9 290X GPU fairs against Nvidia’s GTX 780, wonder no more. Well, wonder a…

AMD R9 290X Pre-Order Pages Are Popping Up

AMD Radeon R9 290X 140x

AMD’s “new” cards are out in the open (Game Front will have some review coverage up in the coming days),…

Three GeForce GPUs See Price Cut Ahead Of AMD R-Series Launch

Nvidia GTX 660 140x

New cards form AMD means Nvidia GPUs get a price cut.

Origin PC CEO Responds to AMD GPU Controversy


Yesterday, Game Front reported that Origin PC would no longer be offering AMD GPUs in its PC products. In the…

Origin PC Stops Offering PCs With AMD GPUs

Origin PC Logo 140x

Origin will no longer offer AMD GPUs in any of its gaming PCs.

13 Gorgeous Examples of 4K PC Gaming

Black Ops 2 4K 140x

4K gaming on the PC will save your soul.

Report: AMD, Nvidia Spending Millions on Game Exclusives


The GPU wars have long been a heated, back and forth affair between Nvidia and AMD, but we’ve never seen…

AMD Reveals R9, R7 GPU Lines, Start at $89

AMD Radeon R7 260X 140x

AMD’s next generation of GPUs are just around the corner. Along with providing the hardware for the next-gen Sony and…

AMD VP Confirms New Radeon GPUs Coming In Q4 2013


  New AMD Radeon graphics cards are definitely coming before the end of 2013. During an interview with Forbes, AMD’s…

AMD’s Radeon HD 9000 Series Might Ship in October 2013

AMD Radeon HD 7970 140x

Is AMD finally bringing some new GPUs to the market? According to a report on SemiAccurate, AMD is bringing the…

The Cases and Case Mods of QuakeCon 2013

Hoth Case 140x

QuakeCon 2013 is in the books! While we got plenty of new game previews and in-depth interviews from the event,…

AMD’s FX-9590: 5 GHz and 200W


Time travel might finally be achieved.

EA CTO: XB1/PS4 ‘Generation Ahead of PC,’ Mark Rein Calls ‘Bullshit’

Crysis 3 Face Thumb

Earlier today, EA CTO Rajat Taneja took to his LinkedIn page to wax poetic about console hardware (Develop Online reported…

Xbox One: Let’s Talk Hardware

Xbox One Hardware 140x

During the Xbox Reveal livestream today, Microsoft confirmed most of the Xbox One’s hardware specifications. The Xbox One has an…

Rumor: Intel’s “Haswell E” gets DDR4 Support in 2014.

Intel Logo 140x

Another week, another Intel/AMD CPU rumor. Posted last week, the most recent CPU-related AMD rumor is all about the short-term…

Rumor Mill: Is AMD Releasing a 5 GHz FX CPU?

AMD FX Logo 140x

UPDATE: We reached out to AMD, and received a tried and true “AMD¬†will not comment on speculation or rumors,” response….

AMD Pledges to Include Battlefield 4 in Future Promotions


Battlefield 4 will come with future AMD cards.

Tomb Raider: Nvidia Beta Drivers Give Lara Croft A Boost

NVIDIA Square Logo 140x

Playing Tomb Raider on PC with an Nvidia GPU? Then these new beta drivers are right up your alley. Nvidia…

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