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Navigate Dishonored with This Smartphone Map App

dishonored map app thumb

If you’ve got $2.99 and a need for a map in Dishonored, this could help.

The Hobbit Films Are Getting Two F2P MMOs


No word on whether they’ll be as bloated as the movies.

Of Course DMX Can’t Use A Computer


Facepalms were made for this.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Might Be On Smartphones



Assassin’s Creed Getting F2P Mobile Spin-Off

assassin's creed utopia thumb

Lots of free-to-play stuff is in Ubisoft’s future.

Blizzard Makes Mobile WoW Features Like Guild Chat Free

wow app thumb

You no longer need a subscription for mobile auction house access, either.

EA Hints at New Player ID Technology


I think they want to get to know you better.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Gets Cross-Platform Co-op


Don’t just cross swords — cross platforms.

Ouya Console Will Supposedly Be ‘The Size Of A Rubik’s Cube’



Uniloc Inventor Attacked Over Minecraft Lawsuit


The internet hornet’s nest stings another victim.

Wil Wheaton Discovers “Piggies Strike Back:” Unofficial Angry Birds Spin-Off


Won’t someone please think of the pigs?

Angry Birds Surpasses 1 Billion Downloads


You did this. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

‘Stealth Survival’ République Rallies to Hit Kickstarter Goal

republique thumb

A come-from-behind victory for a cool-sounding game.

Penny Arcade Adventures 3 Preview: Big Pixels, Big Words


We struggle for balance on the Rain-slicked Precipice of Darkness.

Zeboyd Releases New Penny Arcade Adventures Screens


Build a cool indie game, get a prestigious new gig. More of that, please.

Google Aims To Win April Fools Day With Google Maps For NES


“Blow on the cartridge to fix bugs.”

New Adobe Releases Are the Future of Flash


New, final versions of Flash (11.2) and Air (3.2) release today.

Humble Bundle for Android 2 Released


They’ve been kicking a$$ for so long, it’s a wonder they’re still humble.

Double Fine Adventure Will Get Voice Acting, Multiple Translations, Mobile Versions (VIDEO)

double fine schafer thumb

That’s what Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are doing with all that money.

Mass Effect 3′s Galaxy at War Extensions: a Shooter Mobile Game and Texts from Characters

mass effect infiltrator thumb

Mobile apps, Facebook apps and multiplayer are expanding the Mass Effect universe.

Humble Bundle Goes Mobile, Offers Android AND PC Versions of Games


Buy the latest Humble Bundle and you can pay about $5 for four games on PC and Android.

Steam Mobile App Now Open to Everybody

steam app thumb

Commence purchasing games while pooping.

Splash Damage Says It’ll Be Announcing New Titles On New Platforms

brink thumb

Sounds like mobile games, as well as PC love, too.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Hasn’t Sold A Million Copies


But it has sold some other amount.

GM Wants To Make It So You Can Play Games On Your Car Window (VIDEO)

GM car window game

This sounds effing absurd.

Now You Can Do Call of Duty Elite Stuff on Your Android Phone



The GTA III 10th Anniversary Edition Is Moddable.


Whether or not you want to jailbreak your iPad or iPhone is another question entirely.

OnLive Launches Phone and Tablet App Today

onlive app 1

So you can get to playing right now as you sit on the toilet.

Grand Theft Auto III Hits iPhone, iPad, Android on Dec. 15

grand theft auto 3 android thumb

And it’ll only cost you $5.

Dragon Shout App Lets You Use Your Smartphone to Navigate Skyrim

skyrim map thumb

You can annotate the map and share your markers with friends.

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