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OnLive Launches Phone and Tablet App Today

onlive app 1

So you can get to playing right now as you sit on the toilet.

Grand Theft Auto III Hits iPhone, iPad, Android on Dec. 15

grand theft auto 3 android thumb

And it’ll only cost you $5.

Dragon Shout App Lets You Use Your Smartphone to Navigate Skyrim

skyrim map thumb

You can annotate the map and share your markers with friends.

Someone Has Created A Computer Game Within Minecraft

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 12.46.10 PM

Reason 1,111,111,111 to love this game.

Mobile MMO Star Legends Will Be Google Chrome’s First Multiplayer, 3-D Game

star legends thumb

Bite-sized mobile MMORPG coming to a web browser near you. And you can play with people who play on their phones.

Grand Theft Auto III Coming to Phones

GTA3 anniversary

Only on powerful enough phones.

Squids – Launch Trailer


It would be nice if the game involved launching squids. Oh wait, it kind of does!

Blackjack by Yazino – Mobile Launch Trailer


The perfect app for the on-the-go gambling addict.

This is Minecraft on Android (TRAILER)

minecraft android


Aiko Island – Gameplay Trailer


DAAAAAWWW, non copyright infringing Muppets puppets!

New Dungeon Defenders Dev Diary Discusses Defensive Development


Don’t dilly-dally! Download directly!

El Shaddai Heading to Cell Phones

el shaddai android

Not a bad idea?

GameStop to Offer a Branded Android Tablet, Streaming Console Games

gamestop tablet thumb

It’s bringing a branded device to help it compete with OnLive.

Learn More about Dungeon Defenders with a Dev Diary (VIDEO)


Most colorful Dungeon ever!

Angry Birds Gets into Everything, Including Mario and a Queen Song

angrybirds2 thumb

Five mash-up videos of Angry Birds getting out to places they shouldn’t.

Sony Confirms Its S1 Tablet is a Playstation Tablet

sony-tablets1 thumb

It’s not really all that Playstation-like and we kind of already knew that it was a Playstation tablet, but whatever.

Alien Jihad Trailer Explains What the Alien Jihad is All About (Hint: Controversy)

alien jihad thumb

The name says it all. Also the really long text crawl in the trailer says additional things.

In Honor of Fruit Ninja Kinect — 5 iOS Games That Would Rock on Kinect

pocket god thumb

You can slice fruit with your Kinect — why can’t you sword fight, build stuff and torture natives with your godlike powers?

I Spy the Silent Ops Launch-day Trailer


I’ll take dry martini. iPhone, not Android.

Watch The Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Beta Footage (Video)


All you have to do is endure enjoy the ‘rock’ music accompanying the footage!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

galaxy tab thumb

Samsung’s Android-based iPad 2 competitor is a solid machine, but Google’s operating system lacks enough compatible games to make it a real contender.

E3 2011 – Fruit Ninja To Hit Kinect This Summer, Facebook This Year

fruit ninja kinect 1 thumb

Slice fruit no matter where you are.

Xperia Play Hits Verizon Next Week For $200, with Free Games

psphone thumb

Get your preorders in now!

Bungie Going Mobile?


Bungie has a new spinoff company!

PSOne Classics See Few Downloads on Playstation Phone

playstation app thumb

Nothing has broken 1,000 in the markets where the Play is available, but it isn’t in the U.S. yet.

Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 Getting ‘Handheld’ Versions

me3 1 thumb

And speculation puts them on the iPhone rather than the NGP or 3DS.

Sony Announces Two Playstation Tablets

sony tablets

And boy are they pretty!

IGDA Warns Game Developers About Amazon’s Appstore Policies

Angry-Birds-Rio thumb

Amazon reserves the right to set prices and discounts on developers’ apps, potentially leaving them with a loss while benefiting from the sales.

Startup Adds Rewards to Mobile Game Achievements

kiip thumb

It’s targeted advertising that might not be completely irritating.

Gameloft Seeing High Sales on Sony’s Xperia Play

xperia play thumb

The Xperia Play isn’t even out in the U.S. and it’s already among the best Android devices for Gameloft sales.

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