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Infinity Blade Won’t Hit Android Any Time Soon

infinity blade thumb

Epic Games’ Infinity Blade has won awards and sold tons of copies among iPhone and iPad owners, but people who…

Sony Rumored to Push Out Android Tablet by Summer

PS3SUITE thumb

It’ll carry Sony’s upcoming Playstation Suite service and run Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Angry Birds Rio Posts 10 Million Downloads in 10 Days

Angry-Birds-Rio thumb

Millions – perhaps BILLIONS – of virtual birds flung to their deaths to destroy awkward piles of debris.

OpenFeint Paying iOS Devs to Port to Android

xperia play thumb

In order to boost the complement of games on Google’s mobile operating system, OpenFeint’s offering $100 million to help.

Angry Birds Is A Cash Cow


By 2021, the world’s reserve currency will probably be something called ‘Birders’.

Minecraft Going Mobile

minecraft thumb

Will be available on iOS and Android.

GameFront iPhone App Now Available!


Watch out, world.

THQ Unloads Its Wireless Division


THQ has decided making games for old-style cell phones doesn’t really fit their business model, reminding me that people may still be playing games on old-style cell phones.

Playstation Phone (Finally) Confirmed by Super Bowl Ad

psphone thumb

Looks like Sony Ericsson has finally leaked enough Xperia Play information to figure it ought to actually announce the thing.

Angry Birds Rio and Valentine Will Be Free – Rejoice Now

angry birds thumb

Rovio Mobile also said there could be more than one version of its animated film/game tie-in.

PS Suite Could Be on Everything You Own (Almost)

ngp ui thumb

Sony wouldn’t mind developing its Android/NGP-compatible gaming platform for iDevices, Windows Phone 7 and connnected TVs, but there might be roadblocks before that will happen.

Oh God – Angry Birds Rio is Happening

angry birds thumb

Fox is tying in its new animated movie, “Rio,” into Rovio Mobile’s powerhouse mobile franchise. Yay.

Sony Announces ‘Playstation Suite’ — an Android App

playstation suite thumb

Sony’s launching an Android app that’ll play its old games, and hopefully some new ones.

Sony Event Invite Confirms PSP 2 Announcement Tonight


Seems a PSP 2 announcement is imminent. Check back here tonight for the latest.

Kongregate Arcade Back in Android Market, Slightly Tweaked

kongregate thumb

The app has been altered to appease Google, but it might not be enough to keep it from being pulled.

Yoink! Google Pulls Kongregate Arcade from Android Market

kongregate thumb

You can still download the app directly from Kongregate, though.

Kongregate Gives Android Gamers 300 Titles Worth of Love

kongregate thumb

The service promises to make it easier to find quality games on the mobile platform, too, thankfully.

PSP2 Announcement on January 27 Question Mark


Wait and seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Why You Should Care About Mobile Gaming

LG-Optimus-2X thumb

It’s growing out of control. Pretty soon, you could be virtually shooting, racing or stiff-arming players who aren’t in front of a TV or computer screen, but on a phone.

Euro Playstation Owners Can View Trophies on iPhone PS App

playstation app thumb

Sounds not really all that useful.

Gameloft Teases New iPhone Game with Facebook Campaign (VIDEO)

gameloft teaser thumb

N.O.V.A. 2 maker Gameloft is known for taking well-known, successful console game franchises and … let’s say, using them to…

Wesley Snipes Gets a Video Game, Apparently

julius styles thumb

He’s working on an iPhone game from prison, based on his movies.

Playstation Phone Shown in Action with Resident Evil 2 (VIDEO)

psphone thumb

Seems that Playstation Pocket app that comes on the phone is for playing PSX games.

New LG/Nvidia Phone Supports Multiplayer with Consoles, PCs


Everything I wanted is coming true!

Somebody in China Wrote an In-Depth, Hands-On Playstation Phone Preview (PICS and VIDEO)


Well, this is certainly interesting. A Chinese website called IT186 got a hold of some version of the Playstation Phone by…

Play Rock Band with Friends Over Verizon’s 4G Network

rock band mobile thumb

Verizon’s pushing its new super-fast 4G LTE network, and EA showed off its capabilities at CES 2011 with a new Rock Band title.

Sony FAILS to Announce Playstation Phone at CES 2011


The big press conference in Las Vegas showed off a new phone, but it wasn’t the Xperia Play. It was just some other Android phone. Yawn.

Photos of Unconfirmed Playstation Phone Show Size, Android 2.3


More images of the game-playing Android phone Sony refuses to confirm grace the Internet. We continue to wonder what the deal is, exactly.

Those Angry Birds Have Finally Been Put To Good Use


You can eat them now. You can also get inside them, but not like that, pervert.

Sony Ericsson CEO Says They Might Be Working on that PSPhone We Already Knew About


But we forgot about it because everybody keeps talking about the PSP2.

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