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Notable Mobiles: A Week’s Worth of iPhone Games

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Having scoured the iPhone App Store during the last week, we’ve found a few interesting and notable games worth taking checking out.

Microsoft to Apple: You Can’t Trademark ‘App Store’

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Microsoft has filed a motion to attempt to stop an Apple trademark, mostly because it wants people to remember that yes, Windows Phone 7 has apps, too.

Apple Launches Mac App Store: Bring on Angry Birds

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Apple brings the iOS App Store experience to Macs, complete with some of the more popular games on the iPhone and iPad.

Sony FAILS to Announce Playstation Phone at CES 2011


The big press conference in Las Vegas showed off a new phone, but it wasn’t the Xperia Play. It was just some other Android phone. Yawn.

What to Expect from Angry Birds on BlackBerry

angry birds thumb

Thanks to Reddit, BlackBerry owners have a concept of the iPhone’s most popular game. They probably won’t like it, though.

Angry Birds Coming to PSP and PS3 Tomorrow


Get your grubby little paws on Angry Birds on PSN tomorrow.

iTunes, Game Prices, and Publisher Arrogance


How indie devs are humiliating publishers thanks to the mobile market.

Those Angry Birds Have Finally Been Put To Good Use


You can eat them now. You can also get inside them, but not like that, pervert.

Angry Birds 1.4.2 Goes Live For Android


This is the update some of us have been waiting for!

iPhone Hit Angry Birds Headed to PS3, DS, and PSP


Chillingo’s smash hit Angry Birds, previously only available on iPhone and iPad, is now headed to DS, PSP, and PS3.

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