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Zynga Lays Off 15 Percent Of Workforce, Buys NaturalMotion

Zynga Logo 140x

Zynga announced significant layoffs today, as well as the acquisition of British software company NaturalMotion. The Zynga workforce has been…

Candy Crush Dev Trademarks ‘Candy,’ Opposes Same For ‘Saga’

Candy Crush Saga Logo 140x, the company behind the ever-popular Candy Crush Saga game on iOS and Android, now owns the word “Candy,” thanks…

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies Taxies to Runway


Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol flew under my radar. Zing! Awful puns aside, I’m always on the lookout for a good…

Unity Engine Update Adds iOS Game Controller Support

Unity Engine Logo 140x

Unity is the go-to engine option for mobile developers the world over, and its latest update promises robust support for…

Zynga Founder Is Bored With Video Games; Gamers Reciprocate

Zynga Logo 140x

That’s funny, because plenty of gamers are bored with Zynga.

The New iMac Could Be Your Next Gaming PC

Apple iMac Haswell 140x

It didn’t get the same fanfare as the recent iPhone refresh, but Apple has new, Haswell-packing iMac models for sale,…

Feed Your GTA Nostalgia with the Vice City Anniversary Trailer

gta vice city thumb

Geez, it’s already been 10 years?

Navigate Dishonored with This Smartphone Map App

dishonored map app thumb

If you’ve got $2.99 and a need for a map in Dishonored, this could help.

Double Fine Accidentally Releases iOS Title, Turns It Into Beta

middle manager of justice thumb

They’re taking feedback from people who got the game early.

Blizzard Makes Mobile WoW Features Like Guild Chat Free

wow app thumb

You no longer need a subscription for mobile auction house access, either.

Apple Wins California Lawsuit, Samsung Owes 1.5 Billion


With a B.

Kickstarter Campaigns Have Costs, Too

DoubleFineAdventure thumb

It’s not just free money.

EA Slaps Mass Effect 3 Codex into a Free iOS App

mass effect galaxy at war thumb

Hook back into the Mass Effect universe from your phone, and increase your War Readiness.

Double Fine Adventure Will Get Voice Acting, Multiple Translations, Mobile Versions (VIDEO)

double fine schafer thumb

That’s what Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are doing with all that money.

Steam Mobile App Now Open to Everybody

steam app thumb

Commence purchasing games while pooping.

Steam Gets an iPhone App — Now You Can Impulse Buy Games While Pooping

steam app thumb

You’ll need a beta invite to use it, though.

Chrono Trigger Hits iPhone, iPad — Hooray!

chronotrigger thumb

It’ll cost you 10 bucks, but for Chrono Trigger, isn’t that worth it?

Australian Band Recreates iPhone Games in Real Life (VIDEO)

angry birds thumb

This is distilled awesome.

Infinity Blade II Review

infinity blade 2 8 thumb

A year after Infinity Blade slashed through the App Store, ChAIR Entertainment does it again — but bigger and better in every way.

Hector: Badge of Carnage Devs Give Some Quick Behind-the-Scenes Insights (TRAILER)

hector 1 thumb

A quick look inside a game about a disgusting town and it’s equally disgusting leading detective.

Toki Tori 2 – Announcement Trailer


It’s only been 10 years!

Newell Thinks Apple Might Be Looking to Kill Consoles (and He’s Probably Right)

gabe newell thumb

Apple’s latest iOS update can put mobile games on your TV. Gabe thinks a standalone Apple gaming device is coming.

Apple Teams with Aperture Science to Bring you GLaDOSiri (VIDEO)

glados thumb

Somebody’s a genius. Also, the combustible lemons test was a failure.

Steve Jobs and Apple’s Lasting Impact on the Gaming Landscape

steve jobs thumb

The products Apple created with Steve Jobs at the helm, and the culture they engendered, will continue to change the face of gaming.

Apple’s iPhone 4S Probably Won’t Mean a Big Leap in Gaming – Yet

iphone 4s thumb

The new iPhone has a powerful new processor, but it’s iOS 5 you should be looking out for.

Epic, Apple Announce Infinity Blade 2 at iPhone Event (TRAILER)

infinity blade II thumb

It’ll look awesome on the iPhone 4S, just pretty good on the iPhone 4.

Apple to Announce Its Next iPhone on Oct. 4

apple invite thumb

Expect a spiffier iPhone to play spiffy mobile games.

Wait — Could You Be a Bad Guy in The Dark Meadow? Nice. (TRAILER)

dark meadow thumb

I really hope you’re morally ambiguous as you fight off monsters in this iPhone game.

Report Says Apple Will Announce a New iPhone on Oct. 4

iphone 4 thumb

Along with iOS 5, more than likely, which could potentially mean new ways of gaming.

Report: GameStop to Start Buying Old iPads, iPods, iPhones and Selling Them

iphone 4 thumb

Sell your premium electronics for a fraction of what you paid.

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