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Halfbot Drops New Blocks Cometh Trailer

league blocks 2 thumb

The real version of the stolen game is set to hit the App Store any day.

Notable Mobiles: iPhone’s Best Games of the Week

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Having trouble finding something new worth playing on your iPhone? Check out the games our favorite findings from this week.

NBA Jam iOS Review

nba jam 2 thumb

The iPhone port of EA’s NBA Jam update is a blast to play — but it doesn’t have multiplayer, which is incredibly, soul-crushingly unfortunate.

Blocks Cometh, League of Evil iPhone Games Join Forces

league blocks 2 thumb

Thanks to an IP thief mixing elements of their games, Halfbot and Ravenous have decided to share characters in their iPhone offerings.

Control Pad for iPhone Makes It More Like a Portable

icontrolpad thumb

Turn your smartphone into a handheld game machine — maybe — with this $75 peripheral.

Snag Some Gameloft, EA iPhone Games on Sale for $0.99

spiderman total mayhem thumb

A bunch of big games are available at a massive discount in the App Store, but only for a limited time. A few of these are definitely worth a look.

Teaser Video Shows NBA Jam Gameplay on iPhone (VIDEO)

nba jam 2 thumb

Get ready to take it to the hole with President Obama and Sarah Palin, on your iPhone.

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden Review

sacred odyssey thumb

Gameloft puts a lot of ambition into its Zelda-like iPhone action-RPG, but it lacks the sense of adventure and the kind of challenge necessary to stand beside its inspiration.

Gameloft’s Take On StarCraft Hits App Store Thursday (VIDEO)

starfront thumb

Expect StarFront: Collision to be basically just like StarCraft, and run you $6.99 in the App Store.

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Review

refrain 2

In bringing Devil May Cry 4 to iPhone, Capcom forgot a crucial element — making it interesting and challenging to play.

App Store Ripoffs Still Available Despite Complaints

ultimate assassin thumb

The Blocks Cometh, Ultimate Assassin 2, Monster Mowdown — they’re Flash games that have been sold in the iTunes App Store without permission by a single developer. One who’s still making money.

Devil May Cry 4: Refrain Suddenly Hits App Store – for $1.99!


Get your mobile Devil May Cry 4 fix while it’s on sale.

PS Suite Could Be on Everything You Own (Almost)

ngp ui thumb

Sony wouldn’t mind developing its Android/NGP-compatible gaming platform for iDevices, Windows Phone 7 and connnected TVs, but there might be roadblocks before that will happen.

Oh God – Angry Birds Rio is Happening

angry birds thumb

Fox is tying in its new animated movie, “Rio,” into Rovio Mobile’s powerhouse mobile franchise. Yay.

Dead Space iOS Review

dead space ios thumb

A great iPhone conversion of the franchise’s console experience, Dead Space features great production values and genuine scares — but falls short of being the perfect mobile game.

Snag 3D iPhone Puzzler Surveillant Free Today (TRAILER)

surveillant thumb

It’s free and it’s interesting. Check out this stealthy first-person puzzler while it won’t cost you anything.

Rumor: These Might Be Screens from Angry Birds 2

angrybirds2 thumb

Some screens appeared on a German news report, showing screens that don’t appear in any other Angry Birds games.

Dead Space for iPhone Will Run You $6.99

dead space ipad thumb

Dead Space hits the iTunes App Store later tonight, and we’ve finally got pricing details. Be warned: It’s a little expensive for an iOS app.

Notable Mobiles: The Week’s Most Interesting iPhone Games

virtua fighter thumb

Having scoured the iPhone App Store during the last week, we’ve found a few interesting and notable games worth checking out.

Dead Space for iPhone Looks Scary and Awesome (VIDEO)

dead space ipad thumb

We finally get to see Dead Space in motion on an iPhone. It doesn’t disappoint.

‘Splosion Man vs. MaXplosion: On Imitation, Cloning and Ethics

splosion edit thumb

Capcom Mobile’s iPhone copy of ‘Splosion Man, MaXplosion, is blatant, insulting and almost completely without consequences. Why you should be annoyed.

14-Year-Old Dethrones Angry Birds in the iTunes Free Column

bubble ball thumb

A kid made a physics puzzler and suddenly it’s the top free game on iTunes with 2 million downloads in two weeks. Bet he wishes he’d charged money for it.

Notable Mobiles: A Week’s Worth of iPhone Games

iphone 4 thumb

Having scoured the iPhone App Store during the last week, we’ve found a few interesting and notable games worth taking checking out.

Microsoft to Apple: You Can’t Trademark ‘App Store’

app store thumb

Microsoft has filed a motion to attempt to stop an Apple trademark, mostly because it wants people to remember that yes, Windows Phone 7 has apps, too.

Gameloft Teases New iPhone Game with Facebook Campaign (VIDEO)

gameloft teaser thumb

N.O.V.A. 2 maker Gameloft is known for taking well-known, successful console game franchises and … let’s say, using them to…

Death Rally iPhone Remake Due in March (VIDEO)

death rally thumb

Remedy is working with iPhone developer Mountain Sheep to bring a Death Rally remake to the small screen.

Apple Makes iPhone Available to 93 Million Verizon Customers

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Yup, Verizon got the iPhone, and added HotSync, a mobile hotspot feature that can tether up to five devices. You can get yours on Feb. 10.

Capcom Takes iPhone Online with Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs. (VIDEO)

re mercenaries thumb

Capcom’s upcoming iOS Mercenaries title features online multiplayer, but it still needs work before it’s ready to play.

Wesley Snipes Gets a Video Game, Apparently

julius styles thumb

He’s working on an iPhone game from prison, based on his movies.

Everybody Thinks Verizon is Announcing an iPhone Tuesday

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I’m buying it: Verizon iPhone 4 announcement tomorrow, just in time for Dead Space to drop on iOS.

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