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Guild Wars 2 Dev Will Reverse Currency Exchange Changes

Guid Wars 2

ArenaNet has announced its intention to reverse recent changes to the Guild Wars 2’s currency system following a flood of…

Try Guild Wars 2 Free for a Week Starting Tomorrow


If you haven’t tried Guild Wars 2 yet, this week you’ll get a chance to jump in the game for…

Big Changes Planned For Guild Wars 2 in April


ArenaNet was just getting started when it wrapped up the living world storyline of Guild Wars 2 with the Battle…

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion’s Arch Begins Next Week


The final fight with Scarlet Briar begins on March 4. ArenaNet has announced that the fourth and final content update…

Lion’s Arch is Scarlet Briar’s Target in Next Guild Wars 2 Update


Scarlet Briar is taking off the kid gloves. ArenaNet announced this morning that Briar’s siege on the very heart of…

New Guild Wars 2 Zone, Edge of Mists, Incoming


The hunt for Scarlet Briar will continue in an all-new Guild Wars 2 zone, a floating city in the clouds…

It’s the Beginning of the End in Guild Wars 2: The Origins of Madness


Scarlet Briar isn’t going out without a fight. The Guild Wars 2 arch-villain has been wreaking havoc on Tyria since…

Ho, Ho, Ho! Guild Wars 2 Gearing Up For Wintersday


One word: Toypocalypse! Young, freckle-faced Mike Sharkey dreamed of such a day. For Guild Wars 2 players, that day is…

Guild Wars 2 “Great Migration” is on


NCSoft and ArenaNet want you to renounce subscription MMOs (you know who you are) forever, and they’re dangling a nice…

Treat! Guild Wars 2 Halloween Update Revealed


Trick or treat across Tyria at your own risk. ArenaNet just unveiled the anticipated Halloween update for Guild Wars 2,…

Next Guild Wars 2 Update Brings Trouble to Twilight Arbor


The team at ArenaNet certainly keep themselves busy. The result is a ton of content for Guild Wars 2, and…

Permabans Given to Guild Wars 2 Snowflake Exploiters


ArenaNet reaffirms exploit policy with more permabans

Give Friends Some Free Guild Wars 2 Time Next Weekend

guild wars 2 1 thumb

If you like Guild Wars 2, you’re about to be able to let your friends try it free.

Guild Wars 2 ‘Fear Not This Night’ Cover is Great (VIDEO)

malukah guild wars thumb

Featuring Malukah, Taylor Davis and Lara.

GW2 Director: ‘Responsible’ Devs Give Free Updates


Clap clap clap clap clap clap.

Guild Wars 2 Has Now Sold 2 Million Units


Way to go, guys.

Stolen Emails Used to Access Thousands of Guild Wars 2 Accounts

guild wars 2 1 thumb

Seriously, use a different email address and password.

ArenaNet Opens Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, Fixes Some Stuff

guild wars 2 1 thumb

You should still be careful with your password, though.

ArenaNet Bans 3000 Guild Wars 2 Players For Exploiting ‘Bug’

guild wars 2 thumb

It’s not permanent, though, so long as the banned folks agree to play fair.

ArenaNet Talks Guild Wars 2 Account Issues On Reddit


And it’s kind of interesting.

Somebody Already Hit Level 80 in Guild Wars 2 (UPDATED)

guildwars2 thumb

He did it by crafting. You won’t be able to do it the same way, though.

Arena Net Posts Guild Wars 2 Virtual Economy Stats


And they’re interesting!

Blizzard Schedules WoW Patch For Guild Wars 2 Lauch Date



Guild Wars Players Have Logged Almost 1.2 Billion Hours

guild wars thumb

Holy crap, you guys.

Guild Wars 2 Gets a Release Date: Aug. 28 (TRAILER)

guildwars2 thumb

Quick, get your pre-orders in!

PSA: Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Postponed Due To Tech Issues


But they’re working on it.

Guild Wars 2 Digital Copies Are Sold Out

guild wars 2 sold out thumb

If you were hoping to get into this weekend’s beta with a pre-order, you might be out of luck.

ArenaNet Has Guild Wars 2 Plans ‘For Years To Come’


So clear your schedule.

You Can Pre-Order Guild Wars 2, But We Don’t Know When You’ll Get It

guild wars 2 preorder thumb

Sounds like the $150 collector’s edition is already in short supply.

Guild Wars 2 Kills Queues With Overflow Servers

guildwars2 thumb

Play while you wait to play — it’s brilliant.

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