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Arma 3′s Final Campaign Episode Receives Release Date

Arma 3

Arma 3’s final campaign episode will release on March 20th. Bohemia Interactive revealed the the new episode, which will be…

New Arma 3 DLC Will Add Dungeon Master, ‘Zeus’


Bohemia Interactive wants you to play Dungeon Master in Arma 3. In a press release this morning the studio announced…

Arma 3′s Second Campaign Episode Coming in January


NATO peacekeeper Ben Kerry and his unit will continue their journey out of Sh%&t’s Creek (without a paddle) on Tuesday,…

Arma 3 Campaign Episode ‘Survive’ Review – You’re In The Army Now


It was mid-September back when we first took a look at Bohemia Interactive’s rather skeletal military sim-sandbox Arma 3. While…

Part 1 of Arma 3′s Campaign Released [Trailer]


Two more installments to go.

Arma 3 Campaign Begins on Halloween


We did our best to start reviewing Arma 3 last month, but it’s impossible to pin a score on the…

Arma 3 Review-in-Progress: Launch Version First Impressions


Gorgeous, huge environment and extremely moddable, but beware the steep learning curve.

Grab Your Gun, Arma 3′s Release Has Been Dated


Get armed.

Arma 3 Enters Beta, No Longer In Alpha


Just like that Britney Spears song.

Arma 3 is Entering Beta This Month


Arma 3 will be entering open beta at the end of the month.

ARMA 3 Alpha Goes Live Next Week; Pre-Order for Access


Free alpha coming later.

ARMA 3 ARG Being Decoded


Arg, why can’t they decode it already? …Yeah, that was terrible.

Arma 3 Will Be A Steam Exclusive Game


Arma 3 will be a Steam-exclusive title, says Bohemia Interactive.

Arma 3 Devs Call Prison Experience In Greece “A Bad Movie”


The two developers of Arma 3 have shared their experiences.

Imprisoned ARMA 3 Devs Released On Bail


One victory toward ending the war.

Arma 3 Postponed; Release Plans Coming in New Year


Can you blame them?

Imprisoned Arma 3 Devs Release Letter to Supporters


They face up to 40 years.

Czech President Weighs In On Arrested ArmA 3 Devs


The Czech is in the mail. Zing.

Bail Denied For ArmA 3 Devs In Greece


THIS… IS…. probably their fault I regret to say.

Bohemia Strongly Hints At Day Z For Consoles


I wonder if it’ll actually happen.

ARMA 3 Preview: 1001 Ways to War


Hands-on with Bohemia Interactive’s milsim sandbox.

ArmA 3 Will Have a ‘Player Alpha’ After E3, Extensive Beta

arma 3 thumb

You’ll get to play ArmA 3 before you play ArmA 3.

ArmA 3 Pushed Back to Q4 2012, Could Be Later If Further Dev Time Needed

arma 3 thumb

Here’s hoping the time will be well spent.

New Arma 3 Screenshots

arma 3

These new Arma 3 screenshots don’t tell us a lot about the game, but OOH underwater stuff. I do like…

Arma 3 Teaser Trailer


This military sim is so realistic that they used live-action footage in the trailer.