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Wizards of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering Now on PS3


Online card game taps “total market penetration” without incurring mana burn.

Witcher 2 Packaging, Preorder Details Released

witcher 2

Upcoming PC RPG gets a massive collector’s edition that’s basically one giant nerdgasm.

Icewind Dale II – Last of the Infinity Engine Games Now on


The final top down Infinity Engine game is now available for purchase on the Classic Game site. Continues D&D Releases with Neverwinter Nights Diamond


The Almost complete version of Bioware’s last D&D game is now available on the classic game website.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Beta Weekend – Get Your Keys Here!


Want to play Test Drive Unlimited 2 this weekend? We’re giving away keys to the beta event, but they’re going on a first-come, first-server basis.

Temple of Elemental Evil is Latest D&D Game


Troika’s big fantasy RPG gets budget release on classic game retailer site.

Cryptic’s Jack Emmert Reveals More Neverwinter Details


During an interview Emmert clarified some of the details about the upcoming online “not-MMO” game.

Turbine Shows Off Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 6 – The Last Stand


The Sea Devils arise in th elatest free-to-play expansion.

Neverwinter MMO Officially Announced


Atari’s classic RPG becomes a Cryptic Studios MMO in Q3 2011

Could Atari Be Resurrecting Neverwinter Nights as an MMO?


Dungeons & Dragons fans have been complaining the last few years about a lack of video game love. While Turbine’s…

Atari Themed Glasses to Fill Out Your Cabinet

So, everyone’s wondered it at one time or another: What do you get the gamer who has everything? One of…

Dragonica Online Client and Champions Online Patch

Dragonica Client Setup v1.08 A mixture of classic 2D side-scrollers and combo heavy action games, the combat system from…

Champions Online Accolades Trailer

Just over a minutes worth of footage showing off the in-game content of Champions Online.

Zero Punctuation Ain't Afraid of No Ghostbusters

This week’s Zero Punctuation takes on Ghostbusters The Videogame. Yahtzee’s not afraid to take on games and films with a…

Sessler's Soapbox: iPhone Apps, What's in a Game?

You’d have to be living in a cave to not have come across the Apple iPhone its many fanatical disciples….

A Little Cinema Magic Using Half Life 2

I’m a fan of machinima productions, from the high quality like Red vs. Blue and the “Still Seeing Breen” music…

Favored Souls Bless Dungeons & Dragons Unlimited

I know its gone from a game we never talk about to a game flooding our coverage lately, but the…

Titanic New Screens for Champions Online

Atari and Cryptic has released fresh screenshots for the upcoming comic superhero MMO Champions Online. I continue to be amazed…

Adventure Captured in Vivid Screens Invite Players to DDO Eberron

Turbine is tempting gamers to try out the new free upgrade of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited with a…

Can Neverwinter Nights Go Massively Multiplayer?

Would a Neverwinter Nights be a viable MMO? Sources at Variety say Atari is betting on it. Supposedly it’s the…

Eberron Soon Free to Explore in Turbine's D&D Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online, Turbine’s under-performing adaptation of the popular pen-and-paper game and its Eberron setting is going through changes…

Champions Online Screens Soaring In

While the release of Atari’s Champions Online may have slipped more than a bit from July to September the media…

Capture Intel Loot Playing Ghostbusters Virtual Ghosthunt Sweepstakes

Atari, Intel, and Sony are gearing up for the big Ghostbusters: the Videogame and movie come back this summer with…

Excaliber Class Ships Patrol the Final Frontier

The long march to Star Trek Online will be an arduous one for fans of the series like myself. Luckily…

Sony Purchases Ghostbusters Game From Atari

“… dogs and cats, living together… mass hysteria!!” As I quote the fictitious, yet venerable, Dr. Peter Venkman, it seems…

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Not Rising Anytime Soon

Following up on the rumors of the cancellation of CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf today…

Tales of a PR Nightmare: The Witcher Cancellation Rumors

Tom Ohle, long time wordsmith and all around great guy, takes some time on his new public relations blog to…

Meet Tara "IronAngel" Jennings, Hope you Survive the Experience

Okay, so maybe Tara is not a deadly foe, but I couldn’t avoid using the Chris Claremont era X-Men tag…

CDProjekt Seeing Red, Kills Witcher's Latest Resurrections

Reports are coming out across the net that the highly promoted and anticipated console port of Atari and CDProjekt Red’s…

Champions Online Swoops In to Save the Day in July

Atari and Cryptic studios formally announced the upcoming release date for the anticipated massively multiplayer superhero game – Champions Online….

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