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Phil and Phil vs. Horror Featuring Daylight – Part 2 (VIDEO)

daylight 7 thumb

We’re still lost in mazes in Daylight, but this time we’re more likely to get murdered by scary ghosts.

Help Us Terrorize Mitch in Daylight on Twitch (UPDATE)

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We’re trying to figure out Daylight’s secret Twitch commands so we can better scare Mitchell, and we need your help.

Daylight Review: Once More Into the Dark

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Providing procedurally generated mazes filled with ghosts, Daylight delivers lots of scares and tension, even if it’s fairly similar to many other games in the current horror crop.

Watch Mitch Play Dragon’s Crown at 2 p.m. PDT!

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Get your first look at the game in action with Mitch.

James vs. Games 11: James vs. Catherine (The Game)

james vs games 11 thumb

Can James defeat Catherine’s wiles?

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review: The (5)7% Solution


Frogware’s latest detective puzzler is a mixed bag.

5 Epic Video Game Leaps


In honor of leap-year.

New Game of Thrones RPG Trailer Welcomes You To Riverspring


Will Cyanide’s forthcoming RPG live up to fans’ lofty expectations?

John “Totalbiscuit” Bain puts Kotaku in Its Place


If only Kotaku were printed on paper, so we could use it to start fires or line litterboxes.

The King of Fighters XIII – Ash Crimson Video


Ash has a red outfit in this one. But it’s sensible!

The King of Fighters XIII – Team K: Maxima Video


Puffy Armor everyone. Puffy armor and fighting!

The King of Fighters XIII – Team K: Kula Diamond Video


Leather suits and evening wear battle it out!

The King of Fighters XIII – Team K: K Video


I’m team Edward myself.

Rock of Ages – Rock Beats Everything Trailer


Rock, paper, Frogger. Apparently.

Watch Some Catherine Coverings Get Removed in Catherine: Love is Lost Unboxing (VIDEO)

catherine thumb

Yup, that headline’s misleading.

Watch The Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Trailer (Video)


Let’s Fighting Love!

Watch The Catherine – ‘Nightmare’ Trailer (Video)


I’m thinking Catherine needs to kick her man to the curb, write some sad poetry and move on with her life.

The Cursed Crusade – “Sizzle” Trailer (Video)


The Last Templar is going to adopt an Assassin’s Creed over this one.

Catherine “Are You Committed?” Trailer (Video)


Beware the douche in the Ed Hardy T-Shirt.

Stab That Guy One More Time, Just In Case, in The Cursed Crusade (TRAILER)

cursed crusade thumb

Fight alongside a friend in split-screen sword-fighting co-op.