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Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart – Takedown Challenges Guide


Break the ice with Batman’s new XE Suit and earn these tricky achievements.

Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart – Activist Tags Locations Guide


Find every extra collectible in Cold, Cold Heart with our quick locations guide.

Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart – Frozen Civilians Locations Guide


Rescue every civilian in need. Check out the frozen citizen locations guide for Cold, Cold Heart.

Batman Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart DLC Trailer


Mr. Freeze emerges as the new villain in the latest DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins, “Cold, Cold Heart”. The Cold,…

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart DLC Guide


Take down Mr. Freeze with the skulking vigilantes of GameFront.

Batman: Arkham Origins Story DLC Gets Trailer, Release Date


Mister Freeze is the focus of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins story DLC, Cold, Cold Heart, developer WB Montreal has…

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Hits PC in April


PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS 2.5-D actioner Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will bring its brand of non-lethal violence to PC…

Act Now, Final Hours of Steam Holiday Sale


You’ve got until 2 p.m. Eastern today to save big bucks on some of the very best games of the…

Batman: Arkham Origins Story DLC to Feature Mr. Freeze


Of all the villains in Batman’s rogues gallery, I feel for Doctor Victor Fries. The guy is trying to save…

Game Front’s Top 5 Boss Battles Of 2013

Game Front Top 5 Boss Battles 2013 140x

The intrepid Mitchell Saltzman just posted our “Top 5 Boss Battles of 2013″ over on the YuoTubes¬†(subscribe if you haven’t…

Green Man Gaming’s Winter Sale is on, Batman: Arkham Origins $25

sale and The Humble Store are already dangling tantalizing seasonal specials, and ahead of Steam’s Holiday Sale, which will likely…

Hunter, Hunted Mode Added to Batman: Arkham Origins


Personally, I’d rather be the hunter (Batman) than the hunted (Gotham goons), but we’ll be able to take on both…

Initiate Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origins Today


What would the Batman: Arkham series look like if the Dark Knight was replaced by a ninja? We can all…

James vs. Games 41 — Batman: Arkham Origins

james v games

James vs. Games returns today with episode 41, in which James must make Batman beat 100 guys in one fight…

Warner Bros. Apologizes for Buggy Arkham Origins Release


Batman: Arkham Origins? Pretty good, if scoundrel¬†Mitchell Saltzman is to be believed. But the game’s launch has been a bit…

Batman: Arkham Origins – Secret Pinkney Plaques Locations Guide


Solve a murder from Gotham’s past by finding eight secret plaques scattered across the city.

Batman: Arkham Origins – 3-Medal Combat Challenges Guide [Video]


Get more Challenge tips and tricks from our free flow combat expert.

Batman: Arkham Origins – How to Earn Unlockable Costumes


Learn how to earn more costumes for the Dark Knight Detective in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Anarky Tags Collectible Locations Guide


Mark these invisible tags for an experience bonus in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Intensive Training Challenge Guide [Video]


Get some intensive training from Game Front’s Arkham Origins master Mitch.

Batman Arkham Origins Review – The Dark Knight Coasts

Arkham Origins6

It may no longer be Rocksteady, but Arkham Origins is still rock solid

WB Montreal Dealt With “Resistance and Reluctance” On New Batman


When it was announced that Batman: Arkham Origins would be a prequel, ditch the old franchise voice cast and be…

Year One — Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer


Two more days. That’s how long we have left to wait before dishing out copious amounts of non-lethal violence in…

Must Watch: 17 Minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay


If, like me, you have some serious questions and concerns about Batman: Arkham Origins, you’ll want to see this. Rocksteady…

Batman Breaks Free of GFWL, Gets Huge Steam Weekend


With Batman: Arkham Origins set to swoop in next week (October 25), this weekend is a great time to revisit…

Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough


Hone Batman’s skills with our sprawling guide, showing you how to defeat all of Black Mask’s deadly assassins.

Batman: Arkham Origins Achievements


Earn some Bat-Gamerscore with the list of Batman: Arkham Origins achievements.

Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats


Batman doesn’t play fair either.

Batman: Arkham Origins Trophies


Dig into the PS3 trophies for Batman: Arkham Origins.

Nvidia Announces GameWorks Program, New Holiday Bundles


AMD and it’s new R-Series cards have been hogging the GPU spotlight as of late, but Nvidia is countering with…

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