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DICE to Show Battlefield 3 Multiplayer at E3


You know there’s a shot at Call of Duty in here, right?

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Pre-Order Pack (Images)


Map pack brings back some fan favorites.

EA: We Totally Aren’t Making Stuff With a Next-Gen Xbox Dev Kit

xbox-360-slim thumb

Despite rumors to the contrary, EA says it does NOT have a dev kit for a successor to the Xbox 360.

Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 Getting ‘Handheld’ Versions

me3 1 thumb

And speculation puts them on the iPhone rather than the NGP or 3DS.

Battlefield 3 My Life Trailer Features Gameplay, Base Jumping


Stream or download the new BF3 trailer right here.

Battlefield 3 Wants to Take Down Call of Duty


This is gonna an awesome fall season, y’all.

Battlefield 3 Release Date May Have Been Outed by EA Download Manager


Could BF3 be going head to head with the next Call of Duty game this fall?

Battlefield 3 Has 12-Hour Campaign



Third Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows the Chaos of Battle


The release date for BF3 can’t get here soon enough.

Weird Bagged Foods, NCAA Brackets and Scarface By Kids (LINKS)


Today’s link dump with make you laugh, help with your brackets, and show you the best movies ever made.

Second Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer is Bad News For Snipers


The second BF 3 gameplay trailer is just as awesome as the first one was.

Battlefield 3 Capable of Supporting 256 Players on PC, But DICE Ain’t Goin’ There


File this under “Developers That Want To Make the Best Game Possible.”

GDC 11: Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode 1 Gameplay Trailer


The Frostbite 2 engine struts its stuff in the first gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3.

First Battlefield 3 In-Game Footage is Jaw-Dropping


It might not be gameplay footage, but it’s still awesome.

Battlefield 3 Coming in Fall 2011


It’ll have jets, prone, and 64-player PC servers, says DICE.

New Battlefield Game to be Announced Friday


There’s another Battlefield game coming from the folks that gave us Battlefield Heroes. We’ll find out exactly what it is this Friday.

Battlefield 3 to use DX11, Frostbite 2


DICE has now said that the new Frostbite engine will take full advantage of the strengths of each platform, including tons of PC goodness.

Development on Battlefield 3 Confirmed

I know that there are several fans of the Battlefield series that wondered if there would ever be a proper…

DICE has Five Battlefield Games in the Works

The console-exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company was released this week, and PC owners are waiting for the free-to-play Battlefield Heroes as…

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