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How People See Being a PC Gamer (GRAPHIC)

being a pc gamer smaller thumb

It’s tough being a PC gamer.

Big Battlefield 3 Patch Coming Tuesday, Addresses VOIP Issues

battlefield 3 flying thumb

Sounds like a quality patch.

Battlefield 3 PC Case Mod + Porn Music = Mixed Emotions


No computer is complete without a minigun.

Iwata: Wii U Definitely Coming To Major Markets By The End of the Year

wii u controller thingie

So it is confirmed.

Battlefield Live Action Movie Trailer from the Skyrim Convenience Store Guys (VIDEO)


Doesn’t seem quite as hilarious.

You Can Hack Your PS3 To Run Games on the PS Vita


Why you would do that is anyone’s guess.

The Alienware X51 Is the Mini PC You’ve Been Waiting For

alienware x51

It’s glorious.

Petition Entreats EA to Oppose SOPA

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Sign this petition, as if what players want has ever factored into anything EA has ever done.

Surrounded, Battlefield 3 Player Makes Good His Escape (VIDEO)

battlefield 3 sniper thumb

Best comment on this YouTube video: “I have to go, my planet needs me.”

MSI Reveals New Gaming Laptop With GTX 580M Inside


Yeah, nobody cares about the Razer Blade anymore.

Battlefield 3 Tweaks Inbound Thanks to Player Feedback


What does MW3 have to say about that?

Christmas Lights Timed To The Battlefield 3 Theme


This is kind of ridiculous, but still less so than the BF3 single player story!

Free Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack DLC Now Available

battlefield 3 camping thumb

It’s pre-order DLC, and it just hit PC and Xbox 360 for all.

Best AAA Shooter of 2011


See our picks and YOUR picks for the best AAA shooter of the year.

Freddie Wong Made a Battlefield 3 Commercial for EA

battlefield 3 freddie wong thumb

Explosions: they’re great.

Battlefield 3 ‘Easter Egg’ Hints at Possible Battlefield 2143

battlefield 2143 easter egg thumb

Start the rumor mill!

Battlefield 3 – Back To Karkand DLC Guide


Return to the classic stomping grounds of Battlefield history.

Battlefield 3 – Back To Karkand DLC Achievements


Prepare your wake boards, Wake Island makes its triumphant return.

Battlefield 3 Looks Really Nice in Slow Motion (MUSIC VIDEO)


This makes me actually want to go back and play it some more.

There’s a One-Day-Only Origin Sale Happening Now

arkham city batcave

So you’d better hurry.

Battlefield 3 – Back To Karkand DLC Trophies


Take another tour of duty.

Battlefield 3 – Back To Karkand DLC Cheats


Discover all our extra content for Battlefield 3′s next DLC.

BF3 Patches to Only Be Available Through Origin


Merry Christmas.

GameFront 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards


Vote for your favorite games, and you could win any game you want!

The Razer Blade Will Ship By Christmas


So you won’t have too much longer to wait.

Peter Moore: “I Don’t Think There’s Any Doubt” Battlefield 3 Stole Share from Modern Warfare 3


Uh, I think there is doubt.

Battlefield 3′s Wake Island Map Features Easter Egg Tribute to Veterans

bf3 wake island memorial

This is pretty cute.

Have a Look At Battlefield 3′s New Wake Island Map in the Back to Karkand Expansion

battlefield 3 wake island

It’s war-tastic.

No Changes to Voice in New Battlefield 3 Patch


That’s just too bad.

BF3′s Back to Karkand is Up on PS3 Now, But It’s Having Issues


I’ll tell you what to do about them.

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