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More People Are Playing Skyrim Than Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live

skyrim nord thumb

Big whoop.

Battlefield 3′s Back to Karkand DLC Rolling Out Next Week

battlefield 3 strike at karkand

Only for PS3. The rest get it later.

Battlefield 3 Sells 8 Million


I guess that’s a good number.

Battlefield 3 Banned in Iran


Well, you do a lot of murdering Iranians in it, so…

Watch The Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand: “Gulf of Omen” Gameplay Trailer


Apparently this takes place somewhere in the desert.

Origin’s Black Friday Deals Extended to Cyber Monday


Good for you if you almost missed it.

Origin’s Black Friday Sale Is Pretty Solid


Get Batman: Arkham City for just $25!

Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers


Make that special gamer in your life extra happy this holiday.

Battlefield 3 PC Patch Goes Live; Here’s What’s Changed

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

A whole lot of stuff has been changed, fixed, or otherwise made less crap.

Battlefield 3 Patch Coming to PC Next Week, DICE Says

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Lots of fixes in the pipe, it seems.

Your Ultimate Black Friday Video Games Deals List

black friday

It’s gonna be an all-timer here.

Gamers Spent 40% More Time Playing MW3 on Launch Day than They Did BF3 on Its Launch, and More Comparative Data


Courtesy of Raptr.

A Trailer for Battlefield 3′s Strike At Karkand Map

battlefield 3 strike at karkand

It looks pretty tense.

This Is Clearly The Best Way to Play Battlefield 3 (VIDEO)

battlefield 3 simulator

In an igloo!

Is It EA Policy For Forum Bans To Affect Gaming On Origin?


It might just be.

NVIDIA Says Its Earnings Are Up Because PCs Are Way Better Than Consoles

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

People keep buying graphics cards because console games look like dog crap, it seems.

Two Razer Blade Prototypes Stolen, Won’t Affect Release


Well that’s good for them and rich consumers.

Rumor: EA Wants the Wii U to Be Origin-Exclusive


Whatever that means.

Getting Banned on the EA Forums Still Prevents You From Playing Games on Origin

electronic arts

What the s–t, EA?

EA Has Banned Hundreds of Battlefield 3 Cheaters


Out of how many?

EA Says “There Is Going to Be a Battlefield 4,” Then Takes It Back


Oops. We should fire that guy — oh, wait.

Brave Walmart on Black Friday, Pick Up Battlefield 3, Arkham City for $28

walmart black friday thumb

Great prices for great games. Unfortunately, it might be worth $32 not to have to go to Walmart on Black Friday.

Battlefield vs. Call of Duty Timeline (GRAPHIC)


A cold, hard look at the numbers behind the franchises.

Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Everything Wrong With The FPS

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Love or hate (insert extremely similar military shooter franchise here), shooters need to try something new. Now.

Analyst Pegs Modern Warfare 3 at 19M Sales This Year; Black Ops had 15M

scrooge swimming thumb

This just in: sky blue, water wet, Call of Duty games selling well.

Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey Stealth-Disses BF3 Sniper Mechanics



Not Content With Making Gross Pro-Vegetarian Porn, PETA Attempts To Ruin Battlefield 3 Too


Apparently, the simulated killing of a rat is totally more offensive than the simulated murder of hordes of Iranians.

Get 23 Tracks of the London Philharmonic Playing Video Game Music for $2.99

uncharted 3 thumb

Classical video game music from lots of modern favorites. Go buy it.

How To Not F–k Up the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC Launch

mw3 trailer 1 thumb

We’re hoping this photo isn’t an analog for the MW3 PC launch.

10 First-Person Shooter Cliches We’re Sick Of (PIC)


Did yours make the list?

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