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EA: People Will “Want To Stay With” Battlefield 3 Even After Modern Warfare 3′s Launch


Yeah, well, we’ll see about that.

EA Swears They Aren’t Using Origin to Spy On You


But can we believe them?

Lead Development for Battlefield 3 Took Place on Consoles


What the what?

Crack Lets You Play Battlefield 3 Without Origin

battlefield 3 flying thumb

We’re betting it could get you banned, though.

How to Play Battlefield 3 on PC With an Xbox 360 or PS3 Controller


Not that you should. But you can.

How to Fly Helicopters in Battlefield 3


Step 1: Cue up “Ride of the Valkyries” in iTunes.

Battlefield 3 Sells 5 Million In First Week, EA Says


Pretty good, but that’s no Call of Duty.

DICE: Battlefield 3 Was Better Off For Having Been Made Completely In-House


I guess you could look at it that way.

EA, DICE Say They’re Fixing Battlefield 3 Known Issues

battlefield 3 camping thumb

Hey, an update that gives (a little bit of) information about fixing Battlefield!

EA Says Battlefield 3′s Online Issues ‘Almost Fixed’

battlefield 3 1 siiiigh

Believe it when you see it, though.

Signs Suggest Battlefield 3 May Show Up On Steam

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

Some slight new evidence suggests we might get Steam compatibility, but it sure isn’t definitive.

Watch Our Fake Battlefield 3 “Launch Disaster” Trailer (VIDEO)


It’s fake, and it’s the most accurate trailer for Battlefield 3 available.

EA on Battlefield 3′s Single Player And Multiplayer: ‘You Have To Have Both’


People are surprised EA would want to keep in a money making feature?

Battlefield 3 Thunder Run Achievement / Trophy Guide [Video]


Join Zach from the Game Front Walkthrough Team to earn an achievement / trophy from the mission Thunder Run.

Dr. Pepper Offers Free Battlefield 3 DLC Dog Tags, Multiplayer Skins

battlefield dr pepper thumb

Good news if you like both Battlefield 3 and Dr. Pepper.

EA on Invalid Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Codes: “Check With the Retailer”


That’s pretty sad.

Battlefield 3 Review (PC)


DICE delivers the successor to Battlefield 2. How does the series hold up after five years?

Battlefield 3 Ribbons Guide


Get a look at the ribbons available in Battlefield 3, and some tips on how to unlock them.

Origin Battlefield 3 Activation Possible Fix: Switch Your Default Browser

battlefield 3 2 thumb

If you’re using Firefox or Safari, that might be your trouble.

5 Tips for CoD Players Jumping into Battlefield 3′s Multiplayer

battlefield 3 camping thumb

If you play Battlefield like you play Modern Warfare — STOP.

Battlefield 3 Dev Claims Player Is On Crack


This is a thing he actually said.

Now Origin Game Activation is Down — and EA Says They’re On It [UPDATE]

battlefield 3 1 siiiigh

If you just bought Battlefield 3 and want to play it, sorry, you can’t. You have angered the Origin god.

EA: “Sorry You Feel Left Out In The Dark” With Your Battlefield 3 PC Problems


They’re working on it!

DICE Recommends Chrome and Firefox For Use With Battlelog


Not IE, you idiots.

Battlefield 3 Night Shift Achievement / Trophy Guide [Video]


Earn two achievements during the campaign mission Night Shift with your friend Zach.

Looks Like Battlefield 3 Players Having Tech Problems Are On Their Own


Speaking of EA Customer Care…

Bug Apparently Breaks Battlefield 3′s Campaign for Some Players

battlefield 3 1 thumb

This just keeps getting better and better.

DICE’s Bach: Developing for PC Actually Made Battlefield 3 for Consoles Better

battlefield 3 thumb

For those of you paying attention, this exactly the opposite of what id Software’s John Carmack said about RAGE.

How To Build A Kick-Ass PC For Battlefield 3, per NVIDIA


No Radeons here!

Battlefield 3 PS3 Missing Promised BF1943, Will Get Early DLC Instead


This doesn’t seem like proper compensation.

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