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PSA: The European PlayStation Network May Be Down for Maintenance For a Little Bit Tomorrow


So watch out.

Uhm… Hello to You Too, Battlefield? (PIC)


Add this to the list of things that have gone terrible wrong.

The Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Servers Are Down!


Holy moly. Now they know what it’s like to play on PC.

Possible Solutions To Some Battlefield 3 PC Problems

battlefield 3 1 thumb

This might help.

EA Says Battlefield 3 Got ‘Close to’ 3 Million Pre-Orders

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

That’s a lot of people crashing their helicopters immediately after taking off. Or maybe I’m the only one who does that.

Batman: Arkham City Sees Massive Sales [Shipped Units], Lets 4.6 Million Players Put Henchmen in Comas [UPDATED]

arkham city catwoman thumb

Not saying this Catwoman photo is the reason for the high sales. Nope, not suggesting that at all.

nVidia Releases GeForce Drivers for Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, RAGE

battlefield 3 2 thumb

Download these immediately.

I Can’t Play Battlefield 3 on PC at Launch – Can You?


Not being able to play isn’t very fun.

PSA: Update Origin for Battlefield 3


You should do this now.

A Massive Gallery of Battlefield 3 Screenshots To Get You Ready for Launch

battlefield 3 rainy

Are you ready yet?

PSA: Be Sure To Download the New AMD Catalyst Drivers if You’re Playing Battlefield 3


You don’t want to screw it up.

Start Playing Battlefield 3 Right Now, With the Cunning Use of VPNs

battlefield 3 1 thumb

You don’t even need a DeLorean or to fly across the International Date Line!

Here’s a Trailer for Battlefield 4 (Thanks, Freddie Wong)

freddie wong's battlefield 4

Coming 2017!

Is It Real or Is It Battlefield 3? (TRAILER)

is it real or is it battlefield 3

I don’t know!

Battlefield 3 Achievements


Get decorated with these achievements from Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 Cheats


Don’t battle your desire to cheat.

Battlefield 3 Trophies


Get an early sneak peak at Battlefield 3 on the PS3.

Buy Battlefield 3, Get the Mass Effect 3 Demo Early


That’s what we know.

Battlefield 3 – “Mission Launch” Trailer


Call of Duty is getting slapped by this trailer.

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough


**New video walkthroughs are live!** The battle is on.

GameStop UK Will Give You Modern Warfare 3 For 99p If You Trade In Battlefield 3

mw3 3

What a wacky deal.

If You Don’t Install Battlefield 3 On Your 360, You Get the “Standard-Def” Version

battlefield 3 destruction

And you don’t want that, do you?

Oh Look, It’s a Battlefield 3 Trailer Full of Multiplayer Gameplay


It’s pretty exciting, I must say.

Peter Moore Says Five Million People Are Using Origin Daily


That sounds like a lie.

8 Million People Played The Battlefield 3 Beta


I guess it was a party.

New Battlefield 3 Simulator Will Actually Shoot You with Paintballs

battlefield 3 10-17-2011

Can we set it to easy? I fear paintballs.

People Are Spending $1 Billion on PC Upgrades for Battlefield 3

battlefield-3 night shot

That’s a lot!

Battlefield 3 Oozes Out Onto the Internet Ahead of Launch

battlefield 3 destruction thumb

Yup, you can now torrent Battlefield 3. We don’t endorse that, you pirate bastard!

PSA: Inverted Aim Doesn’t Just Hurt You, It Hurts Your Friends, Too

inverted aim thumb

Freddie Wong: Saying what we’re all thinking, but through film. And what we think is that inverting your aim means you were dropped as a baby

DICE Says the Battlefield 3 Beta Was a Huge Success

battlefield 3 squad

Yeah, if you say so.

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