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Here Are All The Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Modes And Maps

Battlefield 4 Cover 140x

EA has revealed the full list of multiplayer modes coming in Battlefield 4. With the Battlefield 4 beta just around…

Battlefield 4 Battlelog Updates Look to Bridge the Divide


A real-time, interactive map of the game I’m in, on my tablet, propped up next to my monitor. That’s a…

EA Just Got a New CEO: Andrew Wilson


Andrew Wilson (former EVP of EA Sports and Origin takes over as CEO of EA.

EA Corrects Moore: Battlefield 4 ‘Exclusive’ Beta Oct. 1


We knew something was fishy when Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore announced the start date of the Battlefield 4 open…

Huh? EA Sorta Dates Battlefield 4 Open Beta


Surprise! EA COO Peter Moore evidently didn’t let the rest of his company know he was going to break this…

Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements: Is Your Rig Tough Enough?


Every year, there’s a game that’s on the schedule that makes PC gamers wonder if their rig is equipped to…

DICE Breaks Down Battlefield 4′s Commander Mode In Detail


The nitty gritty of Commander Mode.

Battlefield 4 Will Offer Seven Game Modes In Multiplayer


Battlefield 4 ships with seven game modes, two of which are new.

Win Cool PC Gear in Our ROCCAT Back-to-School Giveaway!


Win free stuff!

Levolution Is A Game Changer In Battlefield 4


What is Levolution? Read on to find out.

Xbox One Launch Lineup Boasts 23 Games


Microsoft has an impressive line-up of first- and third-party titles for its Xbox One launch.

Gamescom 2013: Battlefield 4 Beta Begins in October


We’ve known for months that the Battlefield 4 beta would begin sometime this fall, and at today’s Gamescom 2013 EA…

Gamescom 2013: EA Press Conference Streaming Live


Officially, Gamescom 2013, the biggest videogame convention in terms of attendance in the whole wide world, kicks off tomorrow in…

Watch Battlefield 4 Players Recount Their War Stories



Your Battlefield 4 Stats Will Transfer to Next-Gen


No more worrying about stats.

Core Classes Returning to Battlefield 4, Field Upgrades Detailed


Battlefield 4 will see the return of core classes with a few added specializations.

BF4 Second Screen Functions Only Available on PC, Next-Gen


BF4′s second screen functions, better known as Battlescreen, will only be available on next-gen platforms and the PC.

Battlefield 4: DICE Answers Questions About Amphibious Vehicles


DICE reveals Chinese and amphibious vehicles.

DICE Looking into Next-Gen Stat Transfers for Battlefield 4


DICE says they are looking into the possibility of stat transfers from current- to next-gen platforms in the upcoming game.

Battlelog for Battlefield 4 Offers In-Game Functionality


Battlelog for BF4 has various in-game uses, including application as a minimap.

Battlefield 4 Campaign Details Unveil A War With China


Your squad is the tinderbox that ignites the spark that could turn the world into a flaming mess.

Battlefield 4 Campaign Will Offer More Options, Less Linearity


Battlefield 4′s campaign will be a lot better than that of its predecessor.

DICE Showcases the Power of Frostbite 3 with Battlefield 4


DICE’s new engine technology shines on next-gen hardware.

Watch How Battlefield 4′s Spectator Mode Works


The cameras are pretty snazzy.

Battlefield 4 Will Not Have Modding Support


No modding support for BF4, now or ever.

Without Call of Duty Influences, Battlefield 3 Might Have Been Better


Battlefield 3 would have been a better game if it didn’t try so hard to be like Call of Duty.

E3 2013 South Hall Booth Tour (GALLERY)


A sampling of spectacular sights.

Battlefield 4 E3 Hands On: Old Dog, Amazing New Tricks


Follow all our coverage of E3 2013 by visiting our E3 channel! My first stop during E3 was the EA…

EA E3 Event: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer, Commander Mode

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode 140x

We all knew it was coming, but that didn’t mean anticipation was low. After talking campaign and technology over the…

EA Press Conference: Mirror’s Edge 2, New Star Wars Battlefront


A live-blog/news round-up of the Electronic Arts press conference at E3.

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