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Deal Roundup: Evolve 25% Off The Week Before Launch


Next week February 10th will see the debut of Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve. This week, however, might not be a…

The Superman Challenge: Turbine Turns an Icon Into a MOBA Champ


In his forward to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, “Why I Chose Batman,” Stephen King had this to say…

Watch Dogs Closed Beta Spotted on Xbox One Store


Recently we learned that Watch Dogs will be released on May 27 and feature an eight-player, freeroam multiplayer mode. Now…

Tropico 5 PC Beta Set for March


Co-op and competitive multiplayer is coming to the island of Tropico and would be El Presidentes will have the chance…

Data Miners Discover Titanfall Has 15 Maps, Six Modes


While countless gamers shot it out in the Titanfall beta over the weekend, a handful of others were busy mining…

Titanfall Beta Begins February 14, Maps & Modes Revealed


Register for the Titanfall beta yet? That’s a question that’s sure to be popular around the gaming water cooler this…

Prepare for Titanfall: Beta Info Coming Soon


“Early next week.” That’s when shooter fans will have the answer to the question they’ve been asking for months —…

Multiplayer Alpha Launched for Elite: Dangerous Backers


With Star Citizen’s unprecedented crowdfunding campaign (now over $38 million) stealing all the headlines, it’s easy to lose track of…

Promo Poster Indicates Titanfall Beta Coming on Feb. 14 [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella revealed the beta in a tweet earlier tonight, although he did not confirm the timeframe…

Register: Titanfall “Alpha Trial” on Xbox One this Weekend


UPDATE: The “limited technical test” of Titanfall will be this weekend. Respawn’s Abbie Heppe responded to our request for additional…

Project Spark Closed Beta on Xbox One Next Month


Project Spark, Microsoft’s next-gen mash-up of open sandbox games like Minecraft and play and share experiences like Little Big Planet,…

Hearthstone Open Beta Delayed Until January


Wannabe Hearthstone heroes will have to wait just a little bit longer to get into Blizzard’s addictive collectible card game….

Valve’s Beta Steam Machines Unboxed, Tested, Taken Apart


Valve shipped its beta Steam Machines in wooden crates that look like they came out of the same secret government…

Party Up: Wasteland 2 Beta Ready For Backers


Let the blood-sausage-like mind explosions commence. InXile has released the beta of Wasteland 2 to backers who contributed $55 or…

Respawn Shows Off New Ogre Mech, Teases Titanfall Beta


When I see an Ogre mech turn the corner in Titanfall, I’m running the other way — whether I’m on…

UPDATE! Fargo: Wasteland 2 Beta “Within 2.5 Weeks”


UPDATE: It appears Brian Fargo’s November 25 prediction that the Wasteland 2 beta would be ready for backers “within 2.5…

Try, Try Again: Third Dark Souls 2 Beta Test Dated


Getting into the Dark Souls 2 beta on PlayStation 3 is proving even more difficult than the game itself. Alright,…

Post-Beta, DICE Details Battlefield 4 Fixes


Don’t know what you got, ’til it’s goooone. I apologize for hitting you with a Cinderella song this early in…

Infinite Crisis Devs Talk Destruction


If there is one thing superheroes are terrific at (besides making tights look a reasonable every day fashion decision), it’s…

Essential Tips for the Battlefield 4 Beta


The exclusive beta for Battlefield 4 is now live, and I’m absorbing bullets like a target dummy. Bit rusty. If,…

Open Fire! Battlefield 4 Exclusive Beta Live


The Siege of Shanghai is on. The Battlefield 4 exclusive beta is now live, with the Siege of Shanghai map…

E.L.E: Planetary Annihilation Beta Now Live

Don’t just win, annihilate! That’s the tagline for Uber Entertainment’s (Super Monday Night Combat) Kickstarted RTS, Planetary Annihilation, and it…

The Dead Linger Early Access Next Week


We’ve had an eye on Kickstarted indie zombie survival sim The Dead Linger since it first went into alpha a…

EA Corrects Moore: Battlefield 4 ‘Exclusive’ Beta Oct. 1


We knew something was fishy when Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore announced the start date of the Battlefield 4 open…

Planetary Annihilation Beta Begins Sept. 26


Didn’t want to shell out $90 on Steam to get into the Planetary Annihilation alpha? Can’t say I blame you….

Huh? EA Sorta Dates Battlefield 4 Open Beta


Surprise! EA COO Peter Moore evidently didn’t let the rest of his company know he was going to break this…

Turn-based Sneaking: Incognita Enters Alpha


Klei Entertainment is ditching the black pajamas and swords for trench coats and silenced handguns. The team behind Mark of…

Ready to Die? Dark Souls 2 PS3 Beta Registration Opens


One of my favorite stories to come out of this year’s E3: of the thousands of people to attempt it,…

Get Your Neverwinter Beta Weekend 3 Keys Here


Yes, the precious keyssss are oursssss.

Neverwinter Beta Weekend 2 Impressions: Control Wizards and more


We take the pew pew pew to the 2nd Closed Beta.

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