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Maybe It’s Time We Stop Buying Games on Day One

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With excessive DRM, buggy releases, day one DLC and a host of other issues, it seems it’s time to stop pre-ordering.

Check Out the Trailer for the Next Skryim DLC, Dragonborn

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Riding dragons and fighting Dragonborn, it looks like.

Three DLC Packs Coming to Dishonored, First in December

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Story DLC is on its way in 2013.

Dishonored Concept Art: Yep, Totally Influenced By Thief

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5 Things We Want to See in Dishonored DLC

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DLC for Dishonored is probably on its way, so we explore a few things we’d love to see included — like more whales!

Why It’s Okay If You Dislike Dishonored

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I like Dishonored. You don’t. We can still talk about it.

Dishonored’s Lone Pseudo-Boss Fight is Its Best Moment

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The developers might be right to avoid boss fight tropes, but the one big fight of the game is a great moment.

Doom 3: BFG Edition’s Launch Trailer Sends You Back to Hell

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Time to kill many evil things.

Dishonored Creator Harvey Smith Not Sure If He Wants a Sequel

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Maybe no sequel would be good.

Video Shows Off Many Ways to Kill Lady Boyle in Dishonored

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Some options for taking out one of your targets.

Navigate Dishonored with This Smartphone Map App

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If you’ve got $2.99 and a need for a map in Dishonored, this could help.

You Can’t Play Hero in Dishonored’s Story – And That’s Good

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You have to be bad (mostly), whether you like it or not.

How to Improve Dishonored with .ini File Tweaks

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Configure your game for maximum awesome.

Dishonored Review Roundup: Minds = Blown.

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People love it. And we’re not surprised.

Watch Our Dishonored Livestream Now!

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Watch Mitch assassinate guys!

Dishonored Review: Revenge is Almost as Good as Freedom

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Dishonored builds on the formula of titles such as Deus Ex, with tons of freedom and often creative combat and exploration.

Game Front’s Dishonored Review Coming Midnight EST Sunday

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Check back for the full review at the end of the weekend.

Everything We Know About Dishonored

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Here’s all the info we’ve gleaned about Dishonored, just in time for its launch.

Interactive Dishonored Vid Lets You Plot Your Course

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Pick your path through an early Dishonored assassination mission.

Dishonored is Gold; Pre-Order For Team Fortress 2 Goodies

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Enter a contest and also pre-order for new gear.

Dishonored’s Tales from Dunwall 3 is About The Mask (VID)

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The final animated short is here.

Dishonored ‘Tales from Dunwall’ Episode 2 is Here (VIDEO)

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The stories from Dishonored’s city are pretty much all sad.

Dishonored Devs Talk About Finishing the Game in Dev Diary

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Learn a little more about Dishonored as it goes into the final weeks before launch.

Dishonored Dev Diary Talks About Creating an Immersive World

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Arkane Studios’ second developer diary is all about art.

Dishonored Developer Diary Discusses the Game’s Inception

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Some insight into the creation of the game.

Grab Skyrim’s Hearthfire on Xbox Live Right Now

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Skyrim’s new DLC lets you build your own Hank Scorpio supervillain lair (we hope) and recruit a kid to be your Robin (we hope).

Get Your Stealth Skills Ready for Dishonored (TRAILER)

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Enemies do a pretty good job of detecting you, and then killing you, in Dishonored.

Malukah Releases Another Great Skyrim Cover

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Do we really need to talk about this? Just listen to it.

Here Are Your Dishonored PC Requirements

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Make preparations for assassinations.

RUMOR: Bethesda Taking Over S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series?


Could a return to Chernobyl be in the cards?

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