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Hines: Skyrim Patches Expected ‘Week After Thanksgiving’

skyrim wall thumb

Just a couple more weeks to wait before patches start to drop for Bethesda’s monster RPG.

Bug Infestation: PS3 Players Reporting Increasing Framerate Issues in Skyrim

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Sounds like a similar bug to one encountered by Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas players.

6 Things Bethesda Must Fix In The Elder Scrolls VI


Seriously, guys. You should probably take notes or something.

Skyrim Launch Expected to Hit $450 Million, 7 Million Units Shipped

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Make note of yet another single-player only game doing just fine without multiplayer.

PSA – Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Is $4.99 On Steam


Holy Crap. You have less than 42 hours to take advantage of this.

Bethesda Says Skyrim Patch in the Works For All Platforms

skyrim dragon battle thumb

The developer is squashing as many Skyrim bugs as it can.

Bethesda: ‘Still Some Work Left” On Skyrim Creation Kit


You’ll need the patience of the ancients, people

Everything We Know About Skyrim


A lot more than just “OMFG DRAGONS!”

Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart: Online Passes Are “Gimmicks”


Obvious cat is obvious.

Morrowind, Oblivion Get Seriously Cheap Prices on Impulse This Weekend

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You’ve got a week to play through two Elder Scrolls games before a new one comes out!

How To Not F–k Up the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC Launch

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We’re hoping this photo isn’t an analog for the MW3 PC launch.

Look Upon Skyrim’s PC Requirements and Tremble

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Tremble — with excitement!

nVidia Releases GeForce Drivers for Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, RAGE

battlefield 3 2 thumb

Download these immediately.

Skyrim Gets a Live-Action Trailer and It Has a Dragon

skyrim dragon battle thumb

You don’t need to see in-game footage.

Behold, the Realm of Skyrim in a Giant and Detailed Map (PIC)

skyrim map thumb

It’s big.

Re-Dubz #13: Adventures and Rage in RAGE


“The best thing that could happen is that someone puts a magnet up to my computer and erases this s–t.”

How to Enable the RAGE Dev Console

rage jackal valley thumb

Start tweaking your RAGE graphical capabilities using the developer console.

Chicken Neighborhood Watch Bug Vexed Skyrim Devs

angry chicken thumb

“We have had enough of your shenanigans, sir.”

Big Bethesda DLC Sale on Xbox Live Right Now

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Catch up on years-old expansions to years-old games.

RAGE on PC and Consoles: A Graphical Comparison

rage console pc comparison thumb

You might have expected id Software to have worked harder on the PC version of RAGE. You’d be wrong, though.

RAGE on PC Fraught with Bugs; No Advanced Graphic Settings

rage ugly thumb

Insert a bad pun about gamers becoming angry because of RAGE.

RAGE Review (PS3)

rage review 2 thumb

Beautiful and with plenty of ability to kick ass, RAGE is a pretty fun experience, but not quite groundbreaking or spectacular.

Head to Jackal Valley in New RAGE Gameplay Trailer

rage jackal valley thumb

Another big chunk of a level explored to whet your appetite for RAGE’s release.

This Guy Made a Bound Volume of Every Book in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PIC)


It’s 952 pages of Cyrodiilic conent

Bethesda’s Restraining Order Denied Against Fallout MMO Co-Developer

fallout 3 thumb

The judge doesn’t seem too impressed with Bethesda’s arguments.

Bethesda Releases 20-Minute The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim E3 Demo (VIDEOS)

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Get in here and watch this.

This Army of Life-sized Dragonborn Stands Ready to Invade A Store Near You


If you light a fire near them, they come to life! Actually, that’s a lie.

Check Out a Raid on a Gearhead Vault in RAGE (VIDEO)

rage 3 thumb

Lots of gameplay in this one.

Skyrim DLC Hitting Xbox Live First, Just Like with Call of Duty: Black Ops

skyrim nord thumb

PC and PS3 players will get it a month later

RAGE Dev: PS3 Version Uses All The Cores to Avoid Pop-Up

rage thumb

The hardware is maxed. Make sure you don’t leave your PS3 near anything that might catch fire.

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