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Bethesda Warns Forums Might Have Suffered Security Breach

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Run! Hackers have your Bethesda email (maybe)!

Splash Damage Dev Says Despite ‘Rough’ Launch, Brink Found Success on PC

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“Rough” because it lagged so hard no one could play it, but sales and free DLC helped.

Yet Another RAGE Trailer Discusses Games Art, Sounds (TRAILER)

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By the time this game comes out, there will be no need to play it, we’ve seen so many videos about it.

5 Awesome PC Games Still Coming Out in 2011


Gentlemen, start your heatsink cooling fans.

RAGE Trailer Makes Some Sense of the Story

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It wouldn’t be the post-apocalypse without some fascist jerks trying to make everybody do what they say.

5 Reasons Skyrim is Going to Kick Ass

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is going to swallow the lives of many a gamer come November, much to their delight. Here’s five reasons why.

Vote on Facebook to Construct a Character for Skyrim

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Help create a new character model for Skyrim with your opinions.

Oblivion Machinima ‘Mr. Mochi’ Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

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I can’t stop watching this.

Fallout: New Vegas — Old World Blues Trailer


Got the blues?

Friday Flame Wars: If Modding Comes to Consoles, Can PCs Still Compete?

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Consoles may soon do everything PCs do, even if PCs do it better. Does PC gaming need a new way to attract players? Weigh in!

Steam Summer Sale Brings the Pain to Gamers’ Wallets Everywhere

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Look at these deals! Oh God, nooooooooo!

Amazon Offering Deals on PC Brink, Witcher 2

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Hooray for cheap(er) games.

E3 2011 – Boba Fett Meets Blade Runner in Prey 2

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It doesn’t seem to be anything like its predecessor, but Human Head’s E3 demo of Prey 2 has us excited to hunt bounties and climb things.

Brink Stats Site Goes Live Tomorrow, Free DLC Detailed

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Finally, you’ll know how many people you kill — and how many kill you.

Xbox Live Puts Really Old Bethesda DLC on Sale for Deal of the Week

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Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, in case you haven’t been an RPG fan during the past five years.

Brink Patch Supposedly Fixes PC Lag

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The PC version of Brink continues to be the best.

Download Config Tools to Adjust Brink’s PC Version (FILE)

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Alter everything about Brink to make it control exactly they way you want.

Splash Damage Knocks Brink Matches From 16 Players Down to Just Eight

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They’re hoping four-on-four games will help fix the lag issues, and they’re offering the game’s first DLC package for free in June.

Aftershock: Why Brink is a Failure (and Why I’m Starting to Like It Anyway)

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My high hopes and expectations for Brink have been destroyed — but for some reason, I keep playing it.

Splash Damage: ‘Investigating’ Brink’s Lag Issues

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They’re working on it, they swear.

Bethesda Announces Three More DLC Packs for Fallout: New Vegas

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We’ve got all the fallout on this summer’s New Vegas DLC.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Brink with these GET SMART Videos

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Everything you need to know to get ready to go to war on the Ark.

Squads are Rolling into Action in Brink (SCREENSHOTS)

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There’s a whole lot of gunplay in this screenshot gallery, and that is very welcome.

Nothing Upside-Down in These Prey 2 Shots (SCREENSHOTS)

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I’m disappointed there’s no visual evidence of wonky gravity in this batch.

Skyrim is a Pretty Place to Spend the Last Seconds of Life (SCREENSHOTS)

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I’m worried monsters are going to catch me looking at all the pretty scenery and eviscerate me before I know they’re there.

More of Those Creepy Mutants in New RAGE Screens (SCREENSHOTS)

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Ugh, those things are gross.

Upcoming New Vegas DLC is Done, Patch Coming Soon

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Bethesda is stamping out bugs to clear some space for a new DLC pack. Huzzah!

Skyrim: Scenic Vistas, Angry Monsters (SCREENSHOTS)

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Get your Skyrim fix with a few new screens care of Bethesda.

Four New Screens from Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (GALLERY)

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Check ‘em.

New Brink Screens, Concept Art (GALLERY)

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More new screens show us that the Ark is a crappy place to live, and not just because you could get shot.

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