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Dishonored’s Ricardo Bare: Geek For All Seasons?

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Game Front 1-on-1 is a continuing series featuring interviews with and personality profiles on a variety of people in the…

Human Head; Prey 2 ‘In Limbo’


We know this game is never coming out.

There Is A Possible Fix For Dishonored Crash Error


Hopefully it works.

And Now, The Dishonored Launch Trailer


Watch the killing.

Check Out Our Dishonored Livestream Sunday!

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Watch Mitch take on Dishonored live!

5 Old School Games Resurrected in Browsers


5 classic games brought back from the dead in the simplest possible format.

Sony Has ‘Big, Broad’ Team Supporting PS3 Skyrim


So maybe hurry up and get that DLC out then? Oh, no? Dang.

Skyrim Workshop Confirms 10,000th Mod



Bethesda’s Not Sure If Dawnguard Will Ever Make It to PS3

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Apparently the Playstation 3 version was the wrong version. Sorry.

Dishonored Dev: ‘Gamer Fatigue’ Setting In


He’s right.

Bethesda Swears Hearthfire Didn’t Delay Dawnguard Ps3


Just FYI.

Bethesda Hasn’t Cancelled Prey 2, Dev Says


I’m skeptical this will remain the case.

Missing Fallout: New Vegas Content Restored By Modders



Bethesda Trademark Hints At New Skrim DLC, ‘Hearthfire’


Stay tuned for zombies, probably.

Bethesda ‘Explains’ Why Prey 2 Was Removed From Website


By explains, I mean, dodges.

ZO. M. G. Gasp At These Improved Fallout 3 Graphics


Seriously amazing work.

Dishonored’s Impressive Voice Cast Revealed


Nolan North! Just kidding.

Steam’s Quakecon Bundle is Massive, Awesome, and Massively Awesome

quakecon bundle featured

Steam returns to nab one more Benjamin from your wallet.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bethesda Rumor Unconfirmed, Kind Of Denied


So, yeah.

New Rage DLC, ‘The Scorchers’, Possibly Revealed


Probably, more like.

DOOM 3 BFG Edition Gets Release Date


Click on to find out when!

Bethesda Giving Away Skyrim-Themed 360 w/Kinect

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To be inevitably sold by winner on Ebay.

Sign up for the Skyrim: Dawnguard Xbox 360 Beta Now

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Sign up to play Dawnguard, like, soonish.

Bethesda Launches Tumblr Full of Dishonored Art, Gifs

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Lots of media goodies to look at and listen to here.

Next Skyrim Update Brings Mounted Combat, On Steam Today

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Horses will finally be worth a damn.

Elder Scrolls Online Confirmed, Announced


Several weeks ago, Devin Connors over at Tom’s Hardware broke the rumor that Bethesda would be announcing an Elder Scrolls…

QuakeCon 2012 Pre-Registration Starts Tomorrow!


It might be worth it even if you have to go to Dallas.

Splash Damage Has Sold 2.5 Million Copies of Brink

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Studio CEO says it would have generated as much as $140 million at retail.

Sources Claim No Work On Prey 2 Since November


The plot continues to thicken.

Dishonored: Steam Punk Meets Assassin’s Creed From Bethesda (TRAILER)

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A cool trailer, but too early to judge whether Dishonored will stand up to actual play.

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