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Morrowind, Oblivion Get Seriously Cheap Prices on Impulse This Weekend

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You’ve got a week to play through two Elder Scrolls games before a new one comes out!

Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Announced


And it actually might be worth picking up!

Unboxing The Skyrim Collector’s Edition


Joystiq is just rubbing it in everyone’s faces, aren’t they?

Get A Load Of Rage’s Hilarious Peekaboo AI


More hilarious evidence of Rage’s half-assedness.

Look Upon Skyrim’s PC Requirements and Tremble

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Tremble — with excitement!

RAGE – Snoop Dogg’s Guide to Wasteland Part 2


The world’s most discerning pitchman shills for Rage.

RAGE – Snoop Dogg’s Guide to Wasteland Part 1


Will the D-oh-double-G convince you to buy this game?

Skyrim Gets a Live-Action Trailer and It Has a Dragon

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You don’t need to see in-game footage.

Big Bethesda DLC Sale on Xbox Live Right Now

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Catch up on years-old expansions to years-old games.

This Guy Made a Bound Volume of Every Book in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PIC)


It’s 952 pages of Cyrodiilic conent

Bethesda’s Restraining Order Denied Against Fallout MMO Co-Developer

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The judge doesn’t seem too impressed with Bethesda’s arguments.

Watch This Skyrim Fan-Film, “Dragon Hunt” (Video)

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Hmmm, another competently made fan film. But does it have anything to say?

Bethesda Releases 20-Minute The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim E3 Demo (VIDEOS)

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Get in here and watch this.

On Last Night’s Breaking Bad, Bethesda’s Rage Is A Rail Shooter.



Check Out a Raid on a Gearhead Vault in RAGE (VIDEO)

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Lots of gameplay in this one.

Confirmed: There Will Be Same Sex Relationships In Skyrim


I kind of like living in the future.

Skyrim DLC Hitting Xbox Live First, Just Like with Call of Duty: Black Ops

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PC and PS3 players will get it a month later

RAGE Dev: PS3 Version Uses All The Cores to Avoid Pop-Up

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The hardware is maxed. Make sure you don’t leave your PS3 near anything that might catch fire.

5 Reasons Skyrim is Going to Kick Ass

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is going to swallow the lives of many a gamer come November, much to their delight. Here’s five reasons why.

Vote on Facebook to Construct a Character for Skyrim

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Help create a new character model for Skyrim with your opinions.

Oblivion Machinima ‘Mr. Mochi’ Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

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I can’t stop watching this.

Watch The RAGE – ‘The Enemies’ Behind the Scenes Video


This would be a good time to check out GameFront’s Youtube page.

Graphical Prowess: Fallout: New Vegas


With this guide, you could run the game on a Vault Computer.

Comic-Con 2011: Skyrim Gameplay Footage Is Majestic (VIDEO)


Here be dragons.

Brink News: PC Update, DLC in the Works


Can Brink be fixed?

Friday Flame Wars: If Modding Comes to Consoles, Can PCs Still Compete?

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Consoles may soon do everything PCs do, even if PCs do it better. Does PC gaming need a new way to attract players? Weigh in!

Steam Summer Sale Brings the Pain to Gamers’ Wallets Everywhere

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Look at these deals! Oh God, nooooooooo!

Bethesda CEO Todd Howard on Skyrim: “The PC Version Looks Better”


He also talks mods, quests, and the new engine.

Amazon Offering Deals on PC Brink, Witcher 2

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Hooray for cheap(er) games.

*SIGH* Sega Hacked.


This is starting to get a little played out.

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