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Lawmaker Wants Schilling, Others to Testify About 38 Studios

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Rhode Island’s House of Representatives is looking to hear from Curt Schilling and others in its investigation into alleged deception in securing $75 million from the state.

Yep: Corruption, Mismanagement (Probably) Killed 38 Studios


The sound you hear is not a singe person expressing shock.

No Federal Charges For 38 Studios Collapse


The state investigation is still ongoing.

Rhode Island Takes Possession Of All 38 Studios Assets


We knew this was coming, but still.

Big Huge Games Rises From The Dead As Impossible Games


This is spectacular news.

Why 38 Studios’ Demise Demands Skepticism


Why we need greater skepticism in discussing the saga of the doomed developer

Epic Games Is Hiring Most Of Big Huge Games For New Studio


And I’ve just been cutting onions. And my eyes are a little sweaty today.

38 Studios and Big Huge Games Shutting Down


Curt Schilling’s RI-based studio unable to overcome its financial woes.

Kingdoms of Amalur Gets Second DLC Pack, Teeth of Naros

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Get your 10 bucks ready.

R.A. Salvatore Likes Kingdoms of Amalur, but Hates the Names

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But overall, he really really likes it.

Big Huge Games: If Kingdoms of Amalur Sells Well, They’ll Make a Sequel

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Big Huge Games would love to make more Amalur games.

Everything We Know About Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


It’s time for the Reckoning.

Kingdom of Kingdoms of Amalur Devs To Make GameStop Appearances February 6


Note: Only in 3 places.

Kingdoms of Amalur Gets Demo Next Week, Mass Effect 3 Cross-Promotion

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Play the Amalur and Mass Effect 3 demos, unlock in-game goodies in both titles.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Inside Reckoning: Cinematics


Blood and gore, and suggestive themes inside! In cinematic form.