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Enough With the Audio Logs: How Collectible Diaries Shortchange Story

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Your first stumbling steps into Rapture aren’t just frightening — though they are, given that you’ve just witnessed a murder…

Report: “Majority” Of 2K Marin Staff Laid Off

2K Games Logo 140x

The studio behind Bioshock 2 and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified sees massive layoffs.

Friday Flame Wars: Best and Worst Video Game Endings

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Friday Flame Wars is a recurring feature on Game Front. We present a hot-button issue and then encourage a no-holds-barred…

BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition Now Available


For 360 and PS3.

BioShock Getting ‘Ultimate Rapture Edition’ Re-Release

bioshock 2 thumb

BioShock re-release with all kinds of extra stuff.

Former BioShock Devs Found Indie Studio


This is unambiguously awesome.

Does Mass Effect 3 Really Need Multiplayer?


More than just a quick “no.”

2K Marin Founder, BioShock Artist Pitching Unannounced New IP to Studio

bioshock-eve-syringe-big thumb

Here’s hoping for something new and different coming out of 2K Marin.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and BioShock 2 PC Patches


New PC patch downloads.

Massive Rockstar, 2K Sale on XBLA This Week

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Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock 2, Mafia II and Borderlands all have DLC on sale this week.

Bioshock Tops Off What Could Be Coolest Wedding Ever

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This couple had a lightly Bioshock-themed wedding, and it didn’t involve cosplay or weirdness of any kind. That’s tricky, but they pulled it off.

GameFront 2010: The Year’s Biggest Letdowns

disappointed cat

Take a peek inside for our list of the games that made us sad face the most.

Gifts for Gamers – Random Stuff Gamers Will Love

belt buckle

Not every gift for gamers needs to be a game. The GameFront staff round up our favorite random non-game gifts for gamers.

GameFront 2010: Longest Haul Games of 2010


Some games don;t know when to quit.. here’s our list of games from 2010 that overstayed their welcome.

Best Minecraft Videos of 2010


People have been building things with giant, bitmappy blocks all year. Here are their masterpieces.

20 Scary Cosplays (PICS) (SPOOOOOOOKY)

Sander Cohen

In honor of Halloween, which has already happened. Shut up.

BioShock 2 to Get New Single Player DLC Next Month

For those of you who just can’t get enough of filling the shoes of the Big Daddy, here’s some good…

Grab BioShock 2 on the Cheap

Another day, another great gaming deal on Amazon. This time, it’s 2K’s return to the underwater city of Rapture, BioShock…

BioShock 2 DLC Coming to PC

It’s been a sad fact of late that PC gamers get their games and DLC later than console owners. BioShock…

Save Serious Cash on Red Dead, and GameStop Has a Huge Online Sale

Looking forward to bagging Red Dead Redemption next week? Sad that buying games at retail is such a painful experience?…

BioShock 2 Patch On the Way

If your BioShock 2 Rapture rampaging (raptaging, it’s called) has been buggy, laggy or generally glitched, you can breath a…