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Everybody Who Buys BioShock: Infinite on PS3 Gets a Free Copy of BioShock

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But what about BioShock 2? Bwahahahahahahahahaha

BioShock Infinite to Support Playstation Move

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It’s like all your wildest dreams are coming true!

The Wild Blue Yonder is a Dangerous-Looking Place in Bioshock Infinite (SCREENS)

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People aren’t happy. And they’re probably insane.

Irrational Games Wants To Send Someone To E3


The BioShock Infinite devs are having a little contest. The winner gets a free trip to LA and 3 days with the nerdiest people on earth.

Bioshock: Infinite Being Developed Simultaneously on Each Platform



20 Scary Cosplays (PICS) (SPOOOOOOOKY)

Sander Cohen

In honor of Halloween, which has already happened. Shut up.

Get Your BioShock Infinite Gameplay Vid Here


If you missed Xbox Live’s exclusive unveiling yesterday, this is the post you’ll want to read.

2k Games Reveals Bioshock: Infinite With New Trailer


2k Games has lifted the veil off “Icarus,” revealing the next installment in the Bishock franchise, Bioshock: Infinite.

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