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BioWare Sending Surveys Asking ‘How Can We Improve Our Games?’

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The surveys just collect data on platform usage, though. But we’re putting the question to you!

BioWare on SWTOR F2P: Not Trying to Squeeze Every Penny Out of It

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BioWare Austin’s boss talks about moving to the freemium model.

Mass Effect 3 ‘Leviathan’ DLC Review

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Mass Effect 3′s first story DLC offers very little new, and its story doesn’t add much to the overall game.

BioWare Teases ME3 ‘Conspiracy Accountability League’


Delve deep, friends.

Mass Effect 3′s Leviathan DLC Emphasizes Underwater Mech Travel

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It’s an ocean planet!

KOTOR 2 is Finally on Steam — Snag It for $10

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Now we can try out the Restored Content mod.

Hey, It’s Another Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Weekend Thing

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Promote your characters, win some in-game stuff.

‘Marauder Shields’ Ep. 31: And Now Back to Tali, Garrus, Liara

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It’s a two-parter.

Peter Moore On BioWare: “The Studio Has Done Great!”


I’ve always wondered what a crumbling edifice looks like.

BioWare: Until It’s ‘Normal,’ Players Won’t Be Happy With Day 1 DLC

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Gee, wonder why that might be.

Report: Leaked Survey Reveals Plot Of Dragon Age 3



Hudson Tells Guy at Starbucks: ‘Lots More’ Mass Effect to Come

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A fun little story that hints at potentially more DLC.

Dream Job Ended: One Writer’s Time Working on The Old Republic

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Former Web Content Writer James B. Jones spent 14 months working at BioWare Austin — and left the company among layoffs.

Mass Effect 3 ‘Leviathan’ Story DLC Gets a Release Date

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Get ready to reboot ME3 this month. Or not.

Valve Denies It’ll Show Half-Life 3 at Gamescom, Despite Errant PDF

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Nope, not getting announced in Germany.

‘Finding Shepard’ is a Fan-Made Adventure Game About Jack

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This looks so cool.

‘Marauder Shields’ Episode 30 is Live, Adds Backstory

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More explanation of who Marauder Shields really is.

RUMOR: Zeschuk Quits BioWare Austin (But Still Part of Company), Studio To Be Renamed


Begin the BioWare death clock.

Case Mod Puts Some Mass Effect 3 in this PC (PICS)

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This might be an EDI prototype.

Lead Writer Tweet Hints At New SWTOR Content


Assuming that EA doesn’t kill the beast before it goes F2P.

Mass Effect 3 ‘Firefight’ DLC Adds Guns to Single Player Today

mass effect 3 multi 1 thumb little

Seven multiplayer guns get migrated to single player.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC May Alter the Endgame

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Expect more exposition from You Know Who.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan and Firefight DLC (Officially) Revealed

leviathan featured

Neither of which has anything to do with multiplayer, surprisingly.

EA: BF3 Premium “Largely Off-sets” Poor SWTOR Performance


How convenient!

What Happens If You Decide to Go Free-to-Play in SWTOR?

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Some answers to pressing questions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play


BioWare’s ambitious MMO is moving to free a lot sooner than expected.

Baldur’s Gate Enhances Your PC on Sept. 18

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The Enhanced Edition is now available for pre-order.

Game Front 1-on-1: Mass Effect Alternate Ending Writer Arkis

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Anthony “Arkis” Vani penned an alternate ending that resonated with Mass Effect fans, and brought him a lot of unexpected attention.

Game Front 1-on-1: Bob Case Of Tasteful, Understated Nerd Rage


Bob Case’s expertise in literature and his amazing attention to the smallest details led to the smartest take on the controversial Mass Effect 3 endings.

Watch The Mass Effect 3 ‘Earth’ DLC Trailer


But please don’t be too excited about it. Because, yeah…

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