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BioWare Releases First SWTOR Podcast


And you can listen right here.

BioWare Finds Your Lack of Faith in SWTOR Disturbing

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BioWare says players that left SWTOR are coming back for new content.

Comic Miniseries to Expand on Dragon Age Series

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It expands on the last set of comic books.

Fake Trailer Suggests a Mass Effect Movie Could Be Awesome (VIDEO)

mass effect live action trailer thumb

So maybe a live-action Mass Effect movie *wouldn’t* be a terrible idea.

SWTOR Q&A: Character Transfers, Hints of a New Playable Species


Hope arrives for people stuck on low population servers.

Retake Community to Send a Message With Mass Effect On/Off Event

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Fans hope to use Origin to demonstrate their commitment to single-player gaming and Mass Effect’s ending change.

5 Crazy Difficult and Intricate Video Game Puzzles

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In honor of Fez and its tougher puzzles, we’ve run down five of gaming’s worst brain-benders.

Malukah Sings Awesome Mass Effect Tribute Track (VIDEO)

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Watch this.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Might Be Bleeding Subscribers


The force is ruh roh…

EA Borgifying All Brands Into ‘Online Universes’


Tick tock, fans of a certain Canadian developer. Tick Tock.

Watch The Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Teaser


Note: Anime may not contain terrible ending.

Child’s Play Confirms Only ‘Handfull’ Of ME3-Related Refunds


This is not surprising at all.

SWTOR Legacy Promotion Expanded; All Legacy 6 Get 30 Days Free


So, yeah!

SWTOR Servers Shut Down For Emergency Maintenance



BioWare Says Sony Won’t Let It Run Multiplayer Challenges on PSN

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It’s Sony’s fault you can’t participate in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer promotions on Playstation 3.

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Patch Crashing The Game


Whah Whaaaaah (muted trumpet).

SWTOR Patch 1.2 Goes Live Tomorrow


The force is with this update. And I’m the first person to say something about the force.

PSA: Mass Effect 3 Face Import Bug Fixed


No, it doesn’t fix the ending import bug.

Fan-Made Alternate Mass Effect 3 Trailer Is THE BEST


It really, really is.

PAX East Dragon Age Panel ‘Brainstorms’ Standard RPG Elements


This is just insulting.

BioWare May Already Be Retconning Mass Effect 3′s Ending

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Tweets from BioWare seem to contradict the ending story as we have come to know it.

Mass Effect 3 Ending: Change Could Have Empowered Game Writing

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No, vocal fans convincing a developer to change its game would not have ruined writing for all eternity.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Parody Song: Get Master Chief to Help (VIDEO)

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Master Chief could probably kill all the Reapers himself.

SWTOR: Novare Coast Preview


Welcome to the Galaxy Far Away’s version of Omaha beach.

Is “Clarification” DLC Enough for ME3? Forum Poll Says No



SWTOR’s Ohlen: Achievements ‘On the Way’

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We don’t know when, but James Ohlen says “definitely this year.” Hooray!

BioWare’s PAX East Panel: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room


BE WARNED THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT 1-3 IN THIS POST The cosplayers were the initial stars of the…

ME3 PAX Panel: BioWare Offers Few Details, Lots of Speculation


At the BioWare Mass Effect 3 panel earlier this afternoon at PAX East, a team of BioWare’s best and brighest…

Fans React: ‘Optimistic,’ ‘Infuriated’ over Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

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Some fans are willing to wait and see what BioWare offers in its “extended” ending; others feel the battle is lost.

EA Says Anti-Gay Letter Campaign Won’t Influence Game Design

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Publisher calls letter-writing campaign “political harassment.”

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