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Rumors Of Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Explode On The Extranet


Alas, that’s ‘multiplayer’, not ‘ending’.

The Old Republic Will Be F2P This Weekend


The force is with your wallet.

Group Pushing For New Mass Effect Ending Raises 10K+ For Child’s Play


This is actually awesome.

Mass Effect 3 Ending-Hatred: 5 Reasons The Fans Are Right


Why BioWare – and the press – ought to pay attention to what they’re trying to say.

Hitler Reacts To The Mass Effect 3 Ending (SPOILER)


A little levity in the midst of a major freak out.

The Mass Effect 3 Ending Backlash Continues To Gain Steam


BioWare is going to have to address this, officially, soon.

Did Mass Effect 3 Really Deserve All Those 10/10 Review Scores?

mass effect 3 pc thumb

A reasoned look at why the answer is “no.”

Mass Effect 3′s Prothean Character Unlockable Without DLC (PC Only)


Find out how inside. And yes, Spoiler alert.

Player Starts Poll Asking BioWare for New Mass Effect 3 Ending [UPDATED]

mass effect 3 reapers thumb

Upset about Mass Effect 3′s ending? You’re not alone.

The Game Front Video Team Takes On Mass Effect 3′s Multiplayer

mass effect 3 multi 1 thumb little

Some Reaper/Cerberus/Geth get blasted by our resident squad of galactic badasses.

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Bug Fix on the Way, Hooray


But you’ll have to endure your ugly Shepface for a little bit longer.

A Quick Look at the Mass Effect Novels

illusive man thumb

We take a quick look at the four novels that flesh out the Mass Effect universe, complete with reviews.

Mass Effect 3: Live Tweeting The Reaper Invasion


Discover the fate of the Mass Effect universe’s most intrepid journalist.

Mass Effect 3 Review

ME3 Launch 4 thumb

Great moments and characters make overlooking flaws easy in the final entry in Cmdr. Shepard’s story.

Is Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer A Detriment To The Single Player Campaign?


We hope not, as the multiplayer is superfluous anyway.

Mass Effect 3 Face Import Broken, BioWare Knows (UPDATED)


The issue is real, but there are work arounds. And we’ve got the intel.

Your First Look At Mass Effect 3′s From Ashes DLC Alternate Outfits


Garrus is apparently turning into a medieval knight.

Six Mass Effect Universe Dream Spin-off Titles

BLASTO thumb

There’s plenty more Mass Effect games that could be drummed out of the game’s universe. Here are the ones we’d like to see.

The Mass Effect Launch Trailer Is Here (VIDEO)


Skepticism… Fading…

Buy This Console Case, Get Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC

mass effect 3 console vault thumb

You can also get it through Facebook, but then you miss out on turning your Xbox 360 into Commander Shepard’s rock-hard chest.

Everything We Know About Mass Effect 3


And we mean everything. Consider this your new codex.

The 6 Ugliest Shepards of All Time


My eyes! My EYES!

BioWare Has At Least Thought About Mass Effect MMO Possibilities

mass effect 3 husks thumb

BioWare’s founders say an MMO would be “daunting,” but also “interesting.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.2 To Adjust Space Ports, Other Stuff

old republic gunslinger thumb

BioWare is working on a few nice changes.

Does Mass Effect 3 Really Need Multiplayer?


More than just a quick “no.”

SWTOR’s Success Drives HeroEngine To 5,000 Licenses


That’s a lot of licenses!

Mass Effect 3: Space Edition Conquers Space But Can’t Handle Trees

mass effect 3 space thumb

At least a squirrel will get to enjoy an early copy of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3: Kinect Commands Guide


Skip the menus and learn how to control your squadmates in ME3 with the Kinect.

BioWare Claims – With A Straight Face – That Mass Effect 3 Was Finished Before They Started DLC


Either they’re fibbing, or it’s going to be terrible.

BioWare Confirms Leaked Mass Effect 3 DLC Will Be Free to Collector’s Edition Buyers

mass effect 3 robotic dog thumb

Hope you were lucky enough to find one. Then again, there’s always the Origin option….

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