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Mass Effect 3 Ending Parody Song: Get Master Chief to Help (VIDEO)

mass effect parody terence thumb

Master Chief could probably kill all the Reapers himself.

SWTOR: Novare Coast Preview


Welcome to the Galaxy Far Away’s version of Omaha beach.

Is “Clarification” DLC Enough for ME3? Forum Poll Says No



SWTOR’s Ohlen: Achievements ‘On the Way’

old republic gunslinger thumb

We don’t know when, but James Ohlen says “definitely this year.” Hooray!

BioWare’s PAX East Panel: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room


BE WARNED THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT 1-3 IN THIS POST The cosplayers were the initial stars of the…

ME3 PAX Panel: BioWare Offers Few Details, Lots of Speculation


At the BioWare Mass Effect 3 panel earlier this afternoon at PAX East, a team of BioWare’s best and brighest…

Fans React: ‘Optimistic,’ ‘Infuriated’ over Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC

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Some fans are willing to wait and see what BioWare offers in its “extended” ending; others feel the battle is lost.

EA Says Anti-Gay Letter Campaign Won’t Influence Game Design

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Publisher calls letter-writing campaign “political harassment.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines Writer: Players Have ‘No Right’ To Petition Endings

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He’s talking about Mass Effect 3, guys.

BREAKING: BioWare Makes Mass Effect 3 Ending Change DLC Official


Mark your calendars.

BioWare Extends Friend Trials for Star Wars: The Old Republic

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You can bring 25 friends into SWTOR with seven days to try the game.

Jennifer Hale Hasn’t Been Called In For New Mass Effect 3 Ending. Yet.


This might not mean much, but it’s not a good sign.

The Mass Effect 3 Ending Change: How Bioware Can Get it Right


Our handy guide to not screwing up the ending… twice, that is.

Average Game Developer Salary is $81,192, According to Annual Survey


Looking for a new job?

PAX East 2012 Preview: The Big Games List


Check out our 2012 coverage plan!

Notch Inaugurates April Fools’ With Mojang’s Next Big Game: Mars Effect


This might be related to April Fools Day

How To Use the Mass Effect 2 Save Editor


Missing your favorite NPC from Mass Effect 2? We’ve got you covered.

Why New Consoles Are Good For PC Gamers


An optimistic take on the future of gaming hardware.

Retake Mass Effect Trolls BioWare with Cupcakes


Delicious revenge!

Why Changing Mass Effect’s Ending Won’t Compromise Art


Like the ending or hate it, BioWare’s decision to change it doesn’t compromise art, it strengthens it.

Full Paragon Gives Mass Effect Fans a Charity Without Retake Involvement

full paragon thumb

After the Child’s Play drive ended at $80,000 raised, a new charity drive gives Mass Effect fans a positive outlet

Retake Mass Effect Fundraiser: Why Child’s Play Shut it Down

fem shep hold the line thumb

The protest movement’s fundraiser is closed after widespread confusion and backlash over Child’s Play’s role.

PSA: Do Not Download Fake Alternate Ending To Mass Effect 3


Because it’s completely fake and scammy.

How Mass Effect 3 Protesters Raised $80K for Charity

retakeme3sovietposter1 thumb

Members of the BioWare Social Network forum community have focused ending backlash on charity.

Did a Mass Effect 3 Writer Slam The Ending?


It seems so, and he’s probably in a lot of trouble.

BioWare: We Won’t Respond to “Destructive” Mass Effect 3 Controversy


Destructive ME3 commentary? Has anyone seen any of that?

Ray Muzyka’s Statement Basically Confirms Future Mass Effect Game Plans

mass effect legion thumb

Beyond the ending and the DLC, sounds like there’s more Mass Effect coming.

BREAKING: BioWare To Address ME3 Ending via April DLC


No, we are not kidding. We still don’t know what this means just yet.

BioWare Making SWTOR Free Again This Weekend


I wonder if they’re hoping this will have a positive mass effect on public opinion?

Re-Dubz 17: The Real (Fake) Endings of Mass Effect 3 (VIDEO)

mass effect 3 reaper landing thumb

James analyzes the endings of Mass Effect 3 and spoils everything.

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