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The Police State of Videogames

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War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Blizzard: Level 13 Cap ‘Unintended Consequence’ of Diablo Patch

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Developer says it’s working on a fix for players who can’t level past 13 and are stuck in Act I.

Blizzard Accepts Reality, Gives Diablo 3 Refunds To Korean Gamers


This is becoming comical.

Diablo 3 Patch Blocks The Full Game For 3 Days [UPDATE]


The word you’re looking for rhymes with pull-shift.

Diablo 3′s Real Money Auction House Aiming for June 12

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It might finally come online. Maybe.

Leeroy Jenkins Ruins a Bank Heist (VIDEO)

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Check out this short film, WoW fans.

Friday Flame Wars: Does Diablo 3 Deserve a 90 or a 60?

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What’s your Diablo 3 score?

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction Delayed Again


But on the bright side, they’re releasing another patch.

Diablo 3′s Botched Launch: 3 Reasons Gamers Should Care


Face it: gamers should be entitled to a decent game at launch.

Blizzard Apologizes For Botched Diablo 3 Launch, Delays Auction


They actually did.

10 Things To Do While Waiting for Diablo 3 Servers to Work

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Here’s a few suggestions to help you kill time while waiting to kill demons.

Users Bomb Diablo 3′s Metacritic Score Over Multiple Bugs

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Shockingly, consumers are upset when something they pay for doesn’t work.

Behold, As Game Front Unboxes The Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition



Nope, Blizzard Isn’t Working On A Console Diablo 3. For Now.



Please Welcome Diablo 3′s Newest Game Breaking Bug: Error 3006


You knew this was coming.

Player Beats Diablo 3 In 12 Hours With A Level 32 Barbarian


Take that, everyone affected by tech issues.

Diablo 3: WIN-FINAL.MPQ + Stuck @ Updating Setup Errors Solved?


We’ve tracked down a couple of possible solutions to these errors

Max Payne 3 vs Diablo 3 – Which gets your $60?


If your video game funds are tight, you might be forced to choose from two huge games this week. We’re here to help.

Blizzard Posts Diablo III Starter Edition & Guest Pass Deets


Here you go.

PSA: All Diablo 3 Mark Of Valor Sigils Are Unlocked


So, yeah.

Diablo 3 Amazon’s Biggest Ever Pre-Ordered PC Game



Diablo 3 Beta Testers Get a Feat of Strength, Unique Sigil

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Hey, that’s kind of cool.

Watch Diablo 3: Wrath, AKA The History Of The D3 World


This is nuts. NVTS Nuts!

Blizzard to Allow Cross-Region Play in StarCraft 2

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When Heart of the Swarm comes out, you might be able to square off against people across the globe.

PSA: Blizzard Unveils Diablo 3 Launch Day Preparation Guide


Just another way to remind you that you haven’t given Blizzard enough money.

Diablo 3 Lore & Story Guide


Catch up on the lore of Diablo before Diablo 3 is released!

Diablo 3 Will Let You Play With People Around the World

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You’ll need to create server-specific characters, though.

Blizzard Takes a Big Cut of Diablo 3 Auction House Proceeds

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“You have to pay the troll toll to get into this boy’s…auction house.”

PSA: Today’s Your Last Chance To Get Diablo 3 With WoW Pass


So hurry!

Type Zerg Rush Into Google Search And Get Your Clicking Finger Ready

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It’s your fun Easter Egg of the day.

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