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Valve’s Gabe Newell: DRM Is “Totally Backwards”


Hell yes. Damn right. And other swearing affirmations.

Nielsen Releases June Ratings For PC Games, Consoles


In other news, Nielsen tracks video game usage.

This Diablo III Street Art Time-Lapse Video Is Really Cool


Don’t worry, they won’t be charging you to see this.

Blizzard: StarCraft 2 Marketplace A ‘Failure’


This is kind of like when people say their biggest flaw is that they’re too ‘hardworking’.

Re-Dubz #8: Regarding Diablo III’s Always-on DRM

diablo III thumb

A woman asks her boyfriend why he’s so annoyed about being connected to the Internet to play Diablo.

5 Awesome PC Games Still Coming Out in 2011


Gentlemen, start your heatsink cooling fans.

Why The Epic Freak Out About The Diablo 3 Auction House Is Stupid

Diablo III Logo2

It’s hard to sound both entitled and uninformed at the same time, but people are pulling it off!

Blizzard VP Surprised Everyone Hates Diablo III’s Always-On Requirement

diablo III thumb

I feel like it’s not surprising at all, really.

Every Single Thing We Know About Diablo 3

Diablo III Logo2

Here’s your comprehensive guide to everything GameFront knows about Blizzard’s next cash cow.

In Depth With The Diablo 3 Auction House

Diablo III Logo2

Everything you wanted to know and more about Blizzard’s crazy experiment.

Blizzard: Absolutely No Diablo 3 Mods Allowed


Take that Vespa back to Tristram, you wanker!

Rob Pardo: “Why Do I Need To” Differentiate Between Real Diablo 3 Players And Profiteers?

Auction House_Bidding_Currency2

This isn’t a bad thing.

Diablo 3 – Press Event B-Roll Gameplay Footage (Video)

Diablo III_beta_DH Fan of Knives

7 full minutes of Diablo 3 for your viewing pleasure.

Diablo 3 Concept Art

Tristram Cathedral2

It’s inconceivable! Er, I mean, the opposite of that. Look, this stuff looks really awesome, ok?

Diablo 3 Screenshots Gallery

Diablo III Logo2

Wondering what Diablo 3 looks like? Wonder no more!

Diablo 3 Will Require Constant Internet Connection To Play

Main Screen_Basic2

Which makes it identical, functionally, to StarCraft 2.

4 Hours Of Hands On With Diablo 3

Diablo III_beta_Monk taking off some headsROSS

Yep: We got to spend 4 hours playing Diablo 3. Hell. Yes.

Diablo 3 Auction House Will Allow Real-World Money Transactions

Diablo III Logo2

Blizzard is aiming a silver bullet directly right between the online middleman’s eyes.

Not One but TWO Global StarCraft 2 Tournaments at BlizzCon This Year

starcraft thumb

The best players in the world will be pummeling each others’ marines in a live stream for your enjoyment.

Diablo 3 Beta Coming Q3 2011


Diablo 3 beta coming as early as July. Cancel that trip to the Bahamas.

LEGO Siege Tank Just Needs Ordinance

lego siege tank thumb

Just try marching your LEGO marines into this guy’s base.

Fired Blizzard Employee Tells All About Diablo 3


He’s probably just a liar.

BlizzCon 2011 Tickets On Sale May 21 & May 25


Be there in person at the Anaheim Convention Center, or join in from the comfort of your home with an Online Ticket.

Blizzard April Fool’s Roundup


Horadric Cube app, StarCraft for Kinect, WoW dungeon of darkness.

WoW Versus Blizzard’s New MMO


It’ll be the clash of the… Titan.

China’s Blizzard Theme Park is Certainly Not Made Up

joyland thumb

It’s not a rumah.

Felicia Day + Dragon Age 2


The Guild and Dr. Horrible star’s nerdly empire is expanding apace. Yay!

Blizzard Seeks Post-Cataclysm Community Feedback


“Ask CDev” returns and introduces new forum post rating system.

Blizzard Invites ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder to Meet StarCraft II Team

world of starcraft thumb

Blizzard confirms it isn’t trying to kill the World of Starcraft mod, just have the name changed.

Activision Hits World of Starcraft Modder With Cease & Desist

world of starcraft thumb

Coming via YouTube, reports suggest the issue right now is the “World of Starcraft” name and its potential trademark infringement. The mod itself may yet live on.

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