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StarCraft SlayerS Clan Is Disbanding

starcraft finals thumb

But no real word why this is.

Rob Pardo: Single Player Games An Endangered Species


I don’t buy it.

Blizzard’s Titan Team Is Over 100 People


But… what does it mean?

On The Scene At The Pandaria Launch With Rob Foote


Find out how the thing was pitched.

MLG Starcraft 2 MvP Invitational Schedule Released



Runic: Diablo 3 is a ‘Significant Product’; Torchlight 2 Offers More

torchlight II thumb

Runic Games has some monolithic competition for Torchlight 2 in the 800-pound gorilla in the dungeon: Diablo 3. Runic was…

Is Blizzard Secretly Watermarking WoW Players?


Looks like yes.

Blizzard: Activision Largely Hands Off On Our Games



WoW Challenge Modes Add Bragging Rights To Panderia.


Basically speed runs, just FYI.

Blizzard: US, Not Iran Blocking Access To



Blizzard Makes Mobile WoW Features Like Guild Chat Free

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You no longer need a subscription for mobile auction house access, either.

Jay Wilson Apologizes For That F-bomb Aimed At Dave Brevik


It’s loooong.

Diablo 3 Patch 1.04 Extends Level Cap, Changes Magic Find


Who doesn’t love a good patch?

Blizzard Schedules WoW Patch For Guild Wars 2 Lauch Date



Next Diablo 3 Patch Coming In 2 Weeks


Mark your calendars!

Change Your Passwords: Battle.Net Has Been Hacked

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Emails were also compromised, but Blizzard says it doesn’t think credit card data was accessed.

Diablo 3 Player Earns 10K On In Real World Auction House


Let’s all hate him for figuring this out first.

Blizzard is Also Not Thrilled About Windows 8

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Apparently it’s not good for game developers.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Gets Release Date, Details

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Get your $40 ready.

Blizzard Re-Enables Diablo 3 Game Limits to Battle Bots

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You might be limited in the number of games you run at a time.

Play Mists of Pandaria, Heart of the Swarm at Gamescom

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Head to Germany and play some games.

Diablo 3 Patch Devalues Items; Players Advocate ‘Chargebacks’

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The latest patch has made some players’ items worth a lot less than they paid in the real money auction house.

Yikes! Diablo 3 Might Be Bleeding Players


Xfire data says so.

Blizzard Accepts Reality, Gives Diablo 3 Refunds To Korean Gamers


This is becoming comical.

E3 Interview: Gaikai CEO Talks Cloud Gaming


In the future, games will be like rain: they’ll stream from the cloud.

Diablo 3 Inferno Mode Defeated By Hardcore Duo


Another one bites the dust.

Blizzard Flirting – Kind Of – With StarCraft 2 On WiiU


But only kind of.

StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm “99% Done”


Apparently they’re occupying the Confederacy of Man.

Virtual Item Sales Banned in South Korea

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It’s hard out there for a gold farmer.

Blizzard Drops The Ban Hammer On Cheating D3 Players


At my signal, unleash hell!

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