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Diablo 3 Beta Review: Your Mouse is F*cked


Hope you shelled out for the warranty.

Re-Dubz #11: Newbs Don’t Deserve Diablo III Beta Keys

diablo III thumb

We’re all thinking it. James just said it.

Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot Gallery: The Wizard


You’re off to see the Wizard!

Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot Gallery: The Demon Hunter


By Demons be Driven!

Diablo 3 Beta Graphics Guide


How many bufferings do you really need, anyhow?

Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot Gallery: The Witch Doctor


Look at that Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!

Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot Gallery: The Barbarian


What is best in life?

Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot Gallery: The Monk


Like Sanctuary’s version of Shaolin.

Diablo 3 Release Date Window Confirmed by Blizzard


Don’t expect to be getting this one for Christmas.

Diablo 3 Beta Story Update: Welcome to New Tristram


Stay awhile, and listen!

Diablo III Doesn’t Need to be First Person

diablo III thumb

A reasoned argument from Gameranx.

Top 5 Biggest Changes in Diablo 3


Read on to learn about destructible environments, health globes, Caludrons of Jordan, and more!

See 3D Models of Every Diablo 3 NPC


Stay a while, and look.

Diablo 3 Closed Beta Info Leaks Early


Get it while its hot!

Blizzard: No Plans For StarCraft MMO


This will satisfy no one.

Re-Dubz #8: Regarding Diablo III’s Always-on DRM

diablo III thumb

A woman asks her boyfriend why he’s so annoyed about being connected to the Internet to play Diablo.

Activision: Diablo 3 Cash Auction House Coming to StarCraft 2?


WTB Zerglings PST.

Activision Blizzard Cannot Confirm A Diablo 3 2011 Release

Diablo III_beta_Monk taking off some headsROSS

And they didn’t add ‘or deny’.

Watch A Korean Sketch Comedy Show’s StarCraft 2 Sketch


Um, what?

Not One but TWO Global StarCraft 2 Tournaments at BlizzCon This Year

starcraft thumb

The best players in the world will be pummeling each others’ marines in a live stream for your enjoyment.

World of Warcraft Goes Free-to-Play Until Level 20


Psst! Hey kid! You wanna roll a Shaman?

Leaked Diablo 3 Box Art Is A Fake


Evidence proves we’ll have to wait a while longer for the real Diablo 3 box art.

Blizzard Defends Activision


Mike Morhaime says Bobby Kotick’s public image is unfair and inaccurate.

Blizzard Already Playing Their Upcoming MMO; Closes NASDAQ


“Titan” is “a total ball to play,” according to Blizzard COO Paul Sams.

China’s Blizzard Theme Park is Certainly Not Made Up

joyland thumb

It’s not a rumah.

BlizzCon 2011 Afterparties Already in Planning


Blizzard fans are just that devoted.

Blizzard Invites ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder to Meet StarCraft II Team

world of starcraft thumb

Blizzard confirms it isn’t trying to kill the World of Starcraft mod, just have the name changed.

Activision Hits World of Starcraft Modder With Cease & Desist

world of starcraft thumb

Coming via YouTube, reports suggest the issue right now is the “World of Starcraft” name and its potential trademark infringement. The mod itself may yet live on.

StarCraft II Patch Adds Editor Improvements, BNet Channels

starcraft thumb

StarCraft II level-makers: Blizzard just rolled out a big patch that fixes bugs and makes improvements to the Editor program.

Activision, Zynga Sued Over Gaming Tournaments Patent

negotiator thumb

The company behind the guy who co-invented also has a patent that says it invented online gaming tournaments.

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