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Blizzard Confirms Launch Date for WoW: Cataclysm


Blizzard has ended the speculation by formally announcing the release date for Cataclysm, the third World of Warcraft expansion.

StarCraft II Getting New Mod Tools, More “Official” Mods


There’s going to be a lot more to do with SCII soon. Er, soonish. Well, eventually, but very soonishly eventually. Look, this is good news, ok?

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.1 Hits Today


Blizzard is rolling out the first major update for Starcraft 2, patch 1.1. We’ve got all the details inside.

Blizzard Announces Holy War On StarCraft II ‘Cheaters’


Modders interested in making more with their copy of StarCraft II than custom maps have been told that their request has been filed next to “over, when hell freezes”.

Blizzard Releases First Ever Official StarCraft II Custom Map

burning tide

“Burning Tide” may sound like hackneyed Bruckheimer, but it’s actually the first officially sanctioned custom map for StarCraft II. Weapons free, gentlemen.

How To Mod StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty


Your one stop show for all our StarCraft 2 Modding How-Tos. (ongoing)

How To Edit Terrain In StarCraft 2 Editor


In the third installment of our ongoing StarCraft 2 modding guides, we’ll show you nuts and some of the bolts of the Terrain Editor.

Blizzard Reveals World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Limited Collector’s Edition


Lots of bonus “stuff” fills this $80 retail expansion pack

How To Create A StarCraft 2 Custom Unit


Learn the basics of creating your own Starcraft 2 unit with this step-by-step guide.

Blizzard’s Arbitrary Content Policy Isn’t So Arbitrary, But Their Response Time Is


The deletion of Ultimate Tank Defence really angered StarCraft II’s Custom Maps community. Turns out, they had a good reason for it. They sure could’ve told us what it was a little sooner, though.

Millions of People Were in a Big Hurry To Play Starcraft II


A million and a half, to be specific.

Blizzard Adds Soap-In-Mouth, High School Politics DLC to StarCraft II


Banning mild swearing and making everyone feel like 9th grade gym class might give Blizzard a sweet nostalgia high, but it’s not the best way to optimize the player experience.

StarCraft II Melting PCs – Fix It, Quick!


Blizzard has confirmed StarCraft II can overheat PCs – but there’s an easy fix to the problem.

StarCraft 2 Mods FTW


In honor of StarCraft 2 day, here are some absolutely bombtastic SCII mods to make waiting for that enormous 7GB download to finish a little more bearable.

Analyzer Person Says Starcraft II Should Roll In A Lot of Bank


Like $350 million in bank this year. Maybe

Starcraft II Cost Some Amount of Money Other than $100 Million to Produce


The Wall Street Journal said it cost $100 million, and they were incorrect.

Preload the Hell Out of Starcraft II Today


You won’t be able to play Starcraft II until the 27th, sure, but you can now partake, sort of, in…

¡Check Out Esta Modificacion Fanta¡stica De Starcraft!


While working on a StarCraft II related post, we came across this old-but-still-awesome news that, with the impending release of…

StarCraft II Copy Leaked, Opened, Beautiful

StarCraft II copies are already sneaking into the hands of mouth-breathing nerds, at least overseas. A video posted on the…

Blizzard Launches 2010 Global Writing Contest

So, you fancy yourself a writer? Do you find yourself writing fan fiction based in Azeroth? How about epic tales…

Here’s Reason #5,000 That Starcraft 2 Will Blow Your Socks Out Of Your Mind’s Ass


Jesus H. Christ everyone, every time I find myself coming to terms with having been left out of the StarCraft…


Yeah, that’s right, if you have an active WoW sub and live in Korea (presumably anywhere in Korea where you…

Damn, Korea Done Put Some Starcraft II on Some Airplanes

Well, damn. Looks like Korean Air has wrapped up a couple jets, a 747 and a 787, with this very…

Starcraft II TV Trailer is Thirty Seconds of Awesome


Well, those of you who tuned in to the NBA finals last night got to see the Celtics win over…

New Starcraft II Trailer to Air During Tonight’s NBA Finals


I know lots of gamers who are NBA fans, and several who are not. Regardless of your stance on the…

Blizzard Shows Off New World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Battleground

World of Warcraft is still the 800 pound gorilla in the MMO living room, sporting 11+ million subscribers. As such,…

Blizzard and Glider Return to Court Monday

Back in January of 2009, Blizzard won a court case against MDY, the makers of the Glider ‘bot’ that players…

Pick Up Your Blizzcon Tickets Tonight

We’re less than 7 hours away from the craziness that is ticket sales for Blizzcon. Blizzard is splitting ticket sales…

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Will Only Release This Year “If Ready”

One thing we’re all used to hearing from Blizzard is vague statements about release dates. They’re famous for using the…

StarCraft 2 Beta Testing Will End May 31st

Soon after being driven to tears by the incredible StarCraft 2 Mods we can’t play, we discovered we’re not alone:…

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