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Lucid Games Formed by Ex-Bizarre Developers


The Geometry Wars creator will be doing business under a new name.

Bizarre Creations Gets Farewell Video


Say good-bye to Bizarre with this awesome video featuring some of their fine work.

Report: Bizarre Creations May Not Exist Soon


Frowny frowny frowny face.

Rumor: Bizarre Creations Closes Down


Is this the end of the heralded racing game developer?

Blur Unlockable Cars

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Blur Launches With an Action-Packed Trailer

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Blur Cheats

Get a leg up on the competition with the help of these Blur cheats, tips, and unlockables. Arcade racing is…

Blur Trophies

Cars collide and sparks fly in the new arcade-style racing title Blur. Make sure to nab all the trophies while…

Blur Achievements

Blur makes a big deal of its social media credentials, and what better way to use social media than to…