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DayZ Receiving Price Hike, Content Updates in 2015


Bohemia Interactive has unveiled a new release schedule for DayZ and announced a price increase. The publisher unveiled the new…

DayZ And Arma 2 To Support Steam Matchmaking


GameSpy’s closure was hugely disappointing to a great many gamers, not because they still flocked to the service in droves…

Safe to Survive: Patches Greatly Improve DayZ Early Access


I’ve read somewhere that the victim of a well-aimed sniper round is dead before they hear the gunshot. Evidently, the…

Early Inaccess: The Case for Not Buying DayZ Just Yet


One million people have given Bohemia Interactive $30 for the right to play an early alpha version of standalone DayZ….

Bohemia: DayZ to Remain in Alpha Through the End of 2014


Early access DayZ is filled with more bugs, glitches, and problems than zombies. And it appears it will be in…

DayZ Hit $12 Million in Sales First Week, Remains Steam’s Top Seller


Last we heard from Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel, the early access version of standalone DayZ had sold more than…

DayZ’s Dean Hall ‘Very Angry’ About The War Z

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

The situation surrounding The War Z continues to take a toll on the creator of DayZ.

Czech President Weighs In On Arrested ArmA 3 Devs


The Czech is in the mail. Zing.

Review: Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Needs Sea Legs


The otherwise workable reboot of the classic strategy game makes you work too hard to get to the good stuff.

Bohemia Strongly Hints At Day Z For Consoles


I wonder if it’ll actually happen.

ArmA 3 Devs Accused Of Espionage In Greece


It’s the Bourne Alpha Build!

Standalone DayZ Version Won’t Include Mod Support

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But it IS a mod!

DayZ Hits 900k Players and Proves the Power of Modding

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Maybe more developers should think about letting players mod their games.

DayZ Could Be a Standalone By Christmas, With New Features

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Dean Hall intends to add more stuff before asking for money for his ArmA II mod.

ArmA 2 Gets 500% Bump in Sales from Day Z Mod

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Objective evidence that zombies are still awesome.

ArmA 3 Will Have a ‘Player Alpha’ After E3, Extensive Beta

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You’ll get to play ArmA 3 before you play ArmA 3.

ArmA 3 Pushed Back to Q4 2012, Could Be Later If Further Dev Time Needed

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Here’s hoping the time will be well spent.

Take On Helicopters – Take On Tutorials


If you claim you aren’t thinking of that Aha song, you’re lying.

Mafia II, Arma Developers Found New Studio


Better Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.

E3 2011: ARMA III Preview


ARMA dual graphics cards going to be enough to run this beast?