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SOE Pres Admits Similarity Between H1Z1 And DayZ


Over on the self touted internet forum, Reddit, SOE President John Smedley didn’t hold back when answering questions about H1Z1,…

DayZ’s Dean Hall to Leave Bohemia, Start Own Studio


Standalone DayZ is still in alpha, but creator Dean Hall is already planning his next move: a start-up studio in…

New Arma 3 DLC Will Add Dungeon Master, ‘Zeus’


Bohemia Interactive wants you to play Dungeon Master in Arma 3. In a press release this morning the studio announced…

DayZ Tops a Million Sold in First Month


Thank you! – Four weeks after the release, #DayZ just passed one million sales. — Maruk (@maruksp) January 13,…

Standalone DayZ Rings Up $5 Million in Sales in 24 Hours


Here I thought that maybe gamers had moved on from the zombie survival sim experience known as DayZ. Not so…

Standalone DayZ Is Now On Steam Early Access

DayZ Logo 140x

The standalone version of DayZ, the ArmA II mod-turned-worldwide zombie shooter phenomenon, is now available via Steam Early Access. Anyone…

DayZ Standalone Early Access Coming Soon


Holiday season 2012. That’s when we originally thought we’d get to check out the new standalone version of DayZ, at…

Arma 3′s Second Campaign Episode Coming in January


NATO peacekeeper Ben Kerry and his unit will continue their journey out of Sh%&t’s Creek (without a paddle) on Tuesday,…

Choppy 10 Mins. of DayZ Gameplay


How is Dean “Rocket” Hall’s DayZ standalone shaping up? See for yourself. Hall has posted nearly 10 minutes of DayZ…

Arma 3 Campaign Begins on Halloween


We did our best to start reviewing Arma 3 last month, but it’s impossible to pin a score on the…

Bail Denied For ArmA 3 Devs In Greece


THIS… IS…. probably their fault I regret to say.

Zombie MMO The War Z Coming Thanks to DayZ

the war z thumb

The player base of the ArmA 2 mod has proven there’s an audience for Hammerpoint’s title.

DayZ has 400k Players, Update to Add Dogs, Traps

dayz-gallery-photo_p3 thumb

People like surviving and ambushing each other at the end of the world.

Carrier Command Preview: Drop Anchor, Drop Bombs


Bohemia gives a 1988 classic a modern makeover.

An Interview With Day Z Creator Dean “Rocket” Hall


When there is no more room in hell, Day Z will walk the earth.

ARMA 3 Preview: 1001 Ways to War


Hands-on with Bohemia Interactive’s milsim sandbox.