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Red 5 Board Votes Out Co-Founder Mark Kern As CEO (UPDATE)


The last of Red 5 Studios’ founding members, Mark Kern has been voted out as a member of the board of directors and the company’s CEO.

Attorney: ‘We Will Expose All Violations’ of Carter’s Rights


Justin Carter still faces significant hurdles on the road to resolving his perplexing criminal case, but now out of jail…

Rumor Time: Half-Life 3 is an Open-World Shooter for 2013

half life 3 thumb

Hmmmmm. Skepticisim engaged.

BioWare: Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC ‘Coming in the Fall’

mass effect 2 omega thumb

We’re going to retake Omega, I bet.

BioWare Founders Retire After Nearly 20 Years with Company

sad liara thumb

Is this the untimely end of Milhouse–er, BioWare?

What Happens If You Decide to Go Free-to-Play in SWTOR?

old republic thumb

Some answers to pressing questions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play


BioWare’s ambitious MMO is moving to free a lot sooner than expected.

Microsoft: ‘We Offered to Work with Polytron’ on Fez Patch Cost

fez thumb

Apparently, Microsoft didn’t want the cost of the patch to block the patch.

PSA: Start Downloading the Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC on Xbox Now

mass effect 3 reapers thumb

Look for our coverage today and throughout the week.

Blizzard: Level 13 Cap ‘Unintended Consequence’ of Diablo Patch

diablo 3 beta thumb

Developer says it’s working on a fix for players who can’t level past 13 and are stuck in Act I.

Dead Space 3 Will Feature ‘Optional Quests, Hidden Levels’

dead space 3 space thhumb

It’s not quite open world, but you’ll be able to explore and backtrack on Tau Volantis.

Breaking: Giant Bomb Acquired by GameSpot Owner CBS

giantbomb thumb

Will corporate ownership change GiantBomb?

Re-spec Options Need to be in Every Western RPG


I want a do-over!

SOPA: Why I Can’t Defend the Game Industry Anymore


Redirecting my anger onto those I once stood up for

Mass Effect 3 to Require Origin for All Versions, Not Coming to Steam


Are we about to go through this whole drama again?

Gabe Newell and Half-Life Writer Deny Existence of Valve ARG


It’s just not happening right now, folks. Sorry.

GameFront 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards


Vote for your favorite games, and you could win any game you want!

5 Gaming Cliches We Never Want to See Again in 2012


This Just In: from the Department of Sensible Futility.

Grand Theft Auto III Hits iPhone, iPad, Android on Dec. 15

grand theft auto 3 android thumb

And it’ll only cost you $5.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – How to Avoid a Game-Breaking Glitch


Don’t lose hours of Zelda gaming because of a stupid glitch.

Skyrim – How to Duplicate Books Glitch


Start your day with some light reading — ad infinitum.

Your WalMart TOR Preoder May Have Been Canceled


That’s why you buy games from a real game shop.

Skyrim Has Texture Issues on the XBox 360


It’s an easy fix, but a strange one. Just don’t install the game.

Start Playing Battlefield 3 Right Now, With the Cunning Use of VPNs

battlefield 3 1 thumb

You don’t even need a DeLorean or to fly across the International Date Line!

The Stupidity of Exclusivity


Why the “Big Three” need to open their damn minds

Gears of War 3: Perfect Review Scores By Divine Right


Some games are destined to be called perfect, whether they are or not.

Hard Reset Review


Flying Wild Hog brings an old-school shooter to life with new-school technology, and it’s lots of fun.

Hard Reset PC Demo Now Available – Download It Here!


Now you can try out Flying Wild Hog’s upcoming shooter absolutely free.

Flying Wild Hog CEO: Hard Reset Mod Tools “Possible”


No guarantees, but at least Flying Wild Hog knows what PC gamers like.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Has Boss Battles. Problem?


I hate when games aren’t 100% everything I’ve ever dreamed of. WAH!

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