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Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II – Retribution Preview


Watch your back, StarCraft II.

Rumor: Activision Kills Guitar Hero, DJ Hero Series

guitar-hero-slash thumb

Eurogamer is reporting that Activision is making deep layoffs to Freestyle Games, and that True Crime also is among the casualties.

Videogame Magazines: Not Dead Yet


Print media is alive and kicking, and that’s a good thing!

Playstation Phone (Finally) Confirmed by Super Bowl Ad

psphone thumb

Looks like Sony Ericsson has finally leaked enough Xperia Play information to figure it ought to actually announce the thing.

Will Hardcore Gamers Be the Death of the Industry?


Yeah, you’re hardcore, and you’re killing the gaming industry.

Oh God – Angry Birds Rio is Happening

angry birds thumb

Fox is tying in its new animated movie, “Rio,” into Rovio Mobile’s powerhouse mobile franchise. Yay.

Kojima Wants to Take Games from PS3 to NGP and Back Again

mgs 4

Third-party developers show tech demos of PS3 games running on NGP, and Activision announces Call of Duty for the platform.

NGP Features Facebook-Style Statuses, Chat, ‘Location-Based Entertainment’

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Location-based services will let you see who’s playing what in your vicinity, and the NGP will even support Trophies.

Sony’s New ‘NGP’ Features Dual Analog Sticks, Everything We Thought

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Playstation Suite, 3G support and lots of big franchises are on their way to Sony’s flashy new portable. Also: real dual analog sticks.

Sony Announces ‘Playstation Suite’ — an Android App

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Sony’s launching an Android app that’ll play its old games, and hopefully some new ones.

Disney Interactive Could Be Laying Off Half Its Employees

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After shutting down Propaganda Studios, Disney Interactive might be sending home half its 700 employees, plus some at Junction Point.

L.A. Noire Trailer, Release Date Leaked (VIDEO)

la noire 2

An accidentally published YouTube video gives us some new info into one of 2011′s most anticipated games.

Email Suggests Infinity Ward Delayed MW2 Content for EA’s Benefit

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EA has been added as a defendant in the Activision/Infinity Ward lawsuit, and more new details of video game corporate intrigue.

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy To Launch March 22


Square Enix has announced a release date for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.

3DS Releasing March 27, Will Retail for $249


Nintendo’s finally giving us a release date for the 3DS.

Bloomberg Says PSP2 Announcement Next Week, PS Phone Soon After

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Unnamed sources have told the business site that Sony is gearing up to finally stop disavowing its two new toys. Rumors “confirmed” by more rumors.

Spotted: Something Called ‘Gears of War: Exile’

gears of war exile

Epic Games trademarked a logo and the name of a game, but that’s all we know. Maybe it’s the Gears of War Kinect title of myth and legend?

Breaking: Portal 2 on PS3 Features Cross-Platform Play!

portal 2 thumb

Valve gives PS3 Portal 2 full Steam compatibility and anybody who purchases the game on PS3 gets a free PC copy. Time to cancel that Xbox 360 version preorder.

Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC Trailer


Check out the new trailer for the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, titled First Strike.

Sony Files Restraining Order Against Root Key Hackers

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Sony has motions in front of a judge to put a stop to the Playstation 3 root key hackers.

Supremacy MMA Preview


We got a chance to sit down and get a first look at Kung Fu Studios’ newest title, Supremacy MMA. Here’s what we learned.

Apple Makes iPhone Available to 93 Million Verizon Customers

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Yup, Verizon got the iPhone, and added HotSync, a mobile hotspot feature that can tether up to five devices. You can get yours on Feb. 10.

Whole Lotta 3DS Crap Coming Out of Nintendo World 2011 (VIDEOS)

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Nintendo shows lets loose some Japanese videos from Kid Icarus: Uprising and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, plus shows a bunch of other games.

Microsoft Plans to Support Kinect for PC – Sometime

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Steve Ballmer tells the BBC that Microsoft will have PC Kinect support sometime, but gives no details.

Earn EverQuest II Rewards in New Facebook Game

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Social gaming comes to Everquest II, which lets you buy and sell heroes to do text-based stuff on Facebook.

New LG/Nvidia Phone Supports Multiplayer with Consoles, PCs


Everything I wanted is coming true!

Gamers Blame Red Rings of Death on Kinect

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The problem seems to apply to older Xboxes, but Microsoft claims the issues are coincidental. Also, if it happens to you, you’ll have to pay for the repair: Kinect RRoDs aren’t covered.

Win Black Ops Prestige Edition With Your Less Ambitious Games Ideas

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Hit the comments with your idea for a downgraded game title — like Assassin’s Motto or Bucket Hero: Warriors of Busking — and you could win!

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