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Wasteland 2 Releasing this August

Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment has revealed the launch window for Wasteland 2. The game’s August release was announced by inXile’s Brian Fargo…

Escape From L.A.: Wasteland 2′s Other Major Area


The Rangers are headed to La-La Land. In the latest update for Wasteland 2, developer inXile reveals that the full…

Wasteland 2 Release Date Unclear, Next Beta Update Monday


In the goateed, just slightly off Mirror Universe of crowdfunded game development, release dates are nebulous figures that shift and…

Party Up: Wasteland 2 Beta Ready For Backers


Let the blood-sausage-like mind explosions commence. InXile has released the beta of Wasteland 2 to backers who contributed $55 or…

UPDATE! Fargo: Wasteland 2 Beta “Within 2.5 Weeks”


UPDATE: It appears Brian Fargo’s November 25 prediction that the Wasteland 2 beta would be ready for backers “within 2.5…

Interview with InXile’s Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2


Brian Fargo is perhaps best known for his work as the founder of Interplay, director of the classic post-apocalyptic RPG,…