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Splash Damage Knocks Brink Matches From 16 Players Down to Just Eight

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They’re hoping four-on-four games will help fix the lag issues, and they’re offering the game’s first DLC package for free in June.

Aftershock: Why Brink is a Failure (and Why I’m Starting to Like It Anyway)

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My high hopes and expectations for Brink have been destroyed — but for some reason, I keep playing it.

Splash Damage: ‘Investigating’ Brink’s Lag Issues

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They’re working on it, they swear.

Win an AOC Aire Black LED Monitor!


Drop a comment and win yourself a shiny new 23″ monitor.

Brink Review


Splash Damage’s new shooter takes you to the Ark. Will you enjoy the journey?

Brink Launch Trailer is Live


Tomorrow’s big launch is today’s big trailer. Watch and download it right here.

Brink Cheats


Master the art of Brinksmanship.

Brink Trophies


Shiny Brink Things.

Brink Game Guide


Don’t stink at Brink.

Brink Parkour Video


Watch comparative footage of real-life parkour vs. Brink’s SMART movement system.

Brink’s Get SMART Series: Battlefield (Video)


Watch the last video in Brink’s Get SMART series to learn about mines, turrets, command posts, and more.

Brink’s Get SMART Series: Classes (Video)


Meet Brink’s four classes: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Operative.

Brink Achievements


Think Brink!

Learn the Ins and Outs of Brink with these GET SMART Videos

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Everything you need to know to get ready to go to war on the Ark.

Brink to Have Standalone Dedicated Server for PC


Bethesda announces that you’ll have no troubles hosting your own Brink server.

Squads are Rolling into Action in Brink (SCREENSHOTS)

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There’s a whole lot of gunplay in this screenshot gallery, and that is very welcome.

Brink’s Release Gets Bumped Up a Week

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And now it has a whole week to itself. Very intelligent, Bethesda.

Brink ‘Ready and Able’ Trailer


Check out some Brink character upgrades.

Brink Gameplay Video “A Matter of Class”


Check out some new gameplay footage.

New Brink Screens, Concept Art (GALLERY)

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More new screens show us that the Ark is a crappy place to live, and not just because you could get shot.

Brink Multiplayer Hands-On Preview

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We spent some time with Brink’s character customization options, checking out its four classes, climbing up walls and shooting lots of guys.

Brink and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Dated


Bethesda’s giving us even more to look forward to in 2011.

Brink: A Choir of Guns Gameplay Video


Do you like guns?

PAX 2010: Hands-On with Brink


Long-session, objective-based multiplayer wins every time. Also, I totally owned everybody.

Brink Developer Diary Video Download


Go behind the scenes with the team at Splash Damage as they discuss the war-torn setting of the Ark and…

Bethesda Interview Hints New Splash Damage Game In Development recently conducted an interview with gaming industry vet and managing director of Bethesda Europe, Sean Brennan. The interview, a…

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